Moorpark Does the Right Thing

It’s not going to solve the 11% unemployment in Ventura County.

It’s not going to do anything to erode the preference of politicians to get re-elected over figuring out the budget mess in Sacramento in Washington.

It won’t be the trick to “winning” the war in Afganistan or convincing us to withdraw.

But driving down Spring Rd. it is nice to see the banners celebrating our local men and women in the armed forces.

They are the ones risking it all so we can have debates over budget issues, the ones that protect our system, wrrongheaded as it sometimes is, that has never had a violent changeover of power in over 235 years of existence. It is our forces that turned the table for good in World War I and were the driving engine that defeated the Germans and Japanese in WW II (a tip of the hat to the Russians, too.)

Even the more mis-guided efforts like Vietnam and well, Afganistan are part of larger conflicts against the real threats of communism and extremist Islam.

You don’t have to be a rabid warmonger to appreciate them. They help preserve the republic that lets you oppose pretty blantantly when you don’t like what the government does. If you play your cards right, you can even throw out the politicians you don’t like. It is our own fault that we often replace these said politicians with ones that are as bad or worse. We would not be able to do this without our armed forces.

Our armed forces deserve adulation and respect. While many of us sit and watch FOX News or CNN or MSNBC or TMZ, eating potato chips and compalining, they are out there battling people who would like nothing more than to completely destroy our way of life. We can sit around and debate our country’s tactics or strategy, but the fact remains that the armed forces, many of whom are not much more than teenagers, are out doing the dirty work.

Thank God for that. Good job by Moorpark to join the other cities who do this for their local heroes. Moorpark does a great job celebrating it’s veterans. The war memorial is classy without being overbearing. The banners above Spring Rd are a nice touch also, letting the families and friends of our soliders that our community is appreciative.

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