More Questions About Herman Cain

In her interview with Fox News, Gloria Cain said, “He would have to have a split personality to
do the things that she said,” responding to the allegations made against her husband of 43 years by one
of his accusers, Sharon Bialek. Actually, there is no such thing as a split personality, more a dissociative
identity disorder from the professional point of view, which used to be called multiple personalities. My
description is that a person with this mental disorder displays two distinctly different reactions that are
most often alter egos or opposite of what others have known him/her to display during interactions.

Though Gloria believes he is incapable of disrespecting women as described, is it so unbelievable to
suspect someone is mentally unstable though running for the presidency? In accordance with an article
published in the Chronicle by psychiatrists at Duke University Medical Center in February 2006, they
concluded that 49 percent of our presidents had mental illnesses. The study found that Ulysses S. Grant
had a debilitating fear of blood, Abraham Lincoln suffered depression, Calvin Coolidge endured
hypochondria and Thomas Jefferson had many social phobias. However, all are credited with remarkable
accomplishments in life similar to saving a major company from the brink of disaster.

So the issue is not whether Cain is being deceitful but whether or not dissociative identity disorder has played a part in his current misfortunes. DID could have caused him to reach under a woman’s skirt
then have no memory of the incident when he cleared his head. DID could cause him to think too highly
of himself and run for the highest office in the land. DID could make him believe that no one would ever
find out about 13 years of being Big Daddy Cain with Ginger, because his time with her was the result of
an altered reality.

The impact of his exposure is that whenever his lips are moving someone believes he is telling more lies.
The tragedy of it is that not every black man is that infatuated with white women, though he will serve to
strengthen a stereotype. The horror of it is that he publicly humiliated his family before a national
audience that was motivated by nothing more than ego. The comedy of it is that he has to take time to
think about removing himself from the race for the Republican nomination. A reasonable person would
go home and now.

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