Moses: The Cost of His Anger and Disobedience

Every day, we all have choices on how we react to our circumstances. If we go by our feelings every time, we will miss out on the plans God has for us. God gave every one of His children emotions. They can be expressed constructively. However, we need to rely on the truth of God’s Word to deal with these emotions. The wrong expression of his anger with the Israelites made Moses miss out on an opportunity because of his disobedience to God.

Look to God First (Numbers 20:6)

The Israelites were complaining to Moses because there was no water in the place where they settled. They said they would have rather died or stayed in Egypt. Moses and Aaron did the right thing at the beginning. They went to God for the answer of what to do. When we have a problem, go to God first instead of going to friends and family to ask for their opinion. God may direct you to others, but go to Him first.

Listen to God’s Answer (Numbers 20:7-8)

The Lord answered the pleas of Moses. Moses heard what God had said. After we have expressed our concern, we need to take the time to listen to the answer God has for us. God instructed Moses to take his staff, gather the assembly together and speak to the rock to bring water from the rock.

Obey God’s Commands (Numbers 20:9-11)

Notice the sequence of events that take place in this example. Moses obeyed the Lord’s commands by taking the staff and gathering the assembly. However, disobedience followed when Moses acted out in anger by striking the rock twice. We must remember that partial obedience is still disobedience. When we try to say we did most of it right, it doesn’t matter in the eyes of the Lord. We need to follow the truth of God’s Word entirely.

Disobedience has Consequences (Numbers 20:12)

By acting out in frustration and anger, Moses missed out on the focus of his mission – to enter the Promised Land. God gave him orders and he disobeyed. Consequences followed. When we act out with our feelings instead of going by what God says, consequences will always follow. There are always consequences to our actions.

Emotions can have a devastating effect on our daily actions. We need to remember that instead of acting out on them, to take a break. Go to God in prayer and listen to what He has to say and follow His commands in obedience. His way is always the right way. Follow the commands of the Lord.

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