Mountain Biking Trails in Southern New Jersey

Below find a list of great places for mountain biking or biking trails in Southern New Jersey. There is also a link for Philadelphia biking trails as well since it is so close to these areas. New Jersey is not exactly a mountainous area, however, there are great places for bikers who like the outdoors.

The Lumberton-Vincetown Loop
Small-town charm with a river running through it. With only a bit of elevation, this 25 mile trail/loop is an easy run for most. Open from Spring to Fall. Great for families.

Salem County Sweep
This historical area, founded in the 17th century, this 28 mile loop is also pretty flat, but this area makes for a beautiful family, couple or solo ride. Open from Spring to Fall.

Belleplain State Forest
40 miles of different terrain on these trails whether it be gravel or pavement. There are plenty of trees as well as a lot of wild life to see. Located in Cape May County.

Deleware and Raritan Canal State Park
With a trail that stretches from Trenton to New Brunswick, this is a great place for serious riders. Ride next to the canal if you like in this 70 mile park. This is also easy to moderate.

Five Mountain Biking Trails in and around Philadelphia (differently levels)

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Hiking in southern New Jersey and Philly

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