Movie Review: Be Cool Blu-ray

Be Cool is yet another Blu-ray release of a so-so film trying to be one of those great sequels yet even the premonition inducing scene of Travolta and Woods saying they hate sequels is not enough to awaken the producers.

Film making 15/25

Video 20/25

Audio 20/25

Bonus Features 8/25

Total 63/100

It is a sad turn of events when a film with some of the top talent in acting along with some great hits in music cannot rate higher than some of those talking dog Buddie films. John Travolta, Uma Thurman and of all people Steven Tyler as himself is not enough to save this sequel to the 1995 comedy Get Shorty.

Obviously following in the footsteps of the hit Pulp Fiction John Travolta was in several films and after ten years of both great and not so great films we have Be Cool. John Travolta reprises his role as Chili Palmer, the gangster turned movie producer who is now trying to inadvertently break into music.

When a friend of Chili’s is gunned down by a Russian mobster Chili, Travolta, finds out what all the fuss is about and finds an up and coming music hopeful. In order to get her contract he must wade through the oft illegal dealings of the producers, label owners and others of the crime ridden music industry.

While the music industry is not exactly as crime filled and gangster ridden as it really is the movie tries hard to convince you differently. Be Cool seems to be a desperate grab to get back that elusive magic a movie can have without even trying that makes it a hit or a cult classic.

Be Cool is a star studded film but the stars do not shine enough to save the film from a disastrous average rating for the most part even when put on Blu-ray. Be Cool does not have enough of the stars talent and more of the talented writing or better direction because things just did not click.

There are a few bright spots in this lame film, Travolta’s joke about leaving any food in Mongolia when Cedric tells him he and his boys were just out for some Mongolian BBQ. I know how the days of the week thing works is also pretty funny but mostly the film has a lot of bad puns and worse plot points.

Travolta’s hint at being energy conscious is also wasted when the film has all those high end vehicles like Carrera’s and Hummers. Overall Be Cool is just another Blu-ray release that the film studios are releasing of all their movies even if they got not so good ratings.

Be Cool had above average video and audio without any problems and some well-done transfer along with very good 5.1 DTS-HD surround sound. The video is good looking without major problems in a good transfer along with the good sounding audio that is highlighted by some very good music.

The extras are not very noteworthy but at least there are some, a few making of features, a gag reel and a deleted scenes selection. The extras are about average and not really worthwhile as far as additional entertainment other than a once over look.

Be Cool may be worth a rental if you enjoyed Get Shorty but for the most part you can leave this one to the archives of best not worried about. John Travolta like so many other actors try to capture the magic but are just not good enough to get things right again.

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