Movies About “Bands”: You May Have Missed These

Movies about fictional bands are a draw for many moviegoers. You may have already seen popular movies such as “Almost Famous”, and “That Thing You Do!”, but here are some lesser known movies also deserving of a look.

Wassup Rockers

Some Mexican teens from South Central form a band together. Made in 2005, some of the guys wear the tight jeans that are popular for men today. Based on their look, the guys are referred to as the Mexican Ramones at one point in the movie.

“Wassup” is interesting and well written, but not much of a “band” movie. They only play music together in one scene, and do not talk about hopes for a music career.

Ladies and Gentlemen, the Fabulous Stains

This movie has a message, but also a sense of fun about it. “Fabulous Stains” features a handsome young Ray Winstone (“Sexy Beast”), and Diane Lane and Laura Dern in early roles. Elizabeth Daily (“Valley Girl”), a scene stealing sort of actress, is also in the movie for a few minutes.

Released in 1982, this movie has a message that is timeless. Sometimes it is not about who’s best, but about what the media latches onto.

Thunder Alley

This movie does a good job with some of the problems bands may run into (not receiving proper payment for a gig, rivalries and resentment within the group, drug abuse problems).

The rumor is that Roger Wilson did his own singing for this movie. If this is true, he does a good job. Surgical Steel, a real band from Phoenix, is enjoyable to watch.

If the movie is rated on storyline and dialogue, it would be classified as a two-star movie, but there are viewers who would find something special about it. Those who are in a band or grew up in the 1980’s will probably relate to it.

Hustle & Flow

This movie is not really about a band, but deserves mention here. The wonderful scene when the characters start working on “Whoop That Trick” is quite memorable.

Hedwig and the Angry Inch

“Hedwig” is definitely a worthwhile watch, with interesting characters and a good story. Hedwig is a singer who is not doing so well. We do see points in the movie where the audience just does not get Hedwig, something a lot of band frontmen/frontwomen can relate to.

Breaking Glass

“Breaking Glass” is the best of the best. Hazel O’Connor, who plays singer Kate, has talent. Her band is fun to watch (there is a great performance towards the very end of the movie). The songs are well-written.

Netflix has this movie as an instant download, but it is best to get a hold of the European version with the complete ending (there is a very different outcome compared to the version Netflix offers). Kate starts out at the bottom of the barrel, and soon becomes a famous rock star. She has difficulty dealing with the pressures of fame. “Breaking Glass” is a well written movie in its own right.

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