Music Lyrics- is it Just Words to You?

Live like you were dying is one of the most interesting song lyrics I think I ever had the pleasure of hearing, and with that I’m here to take that song lyric to next level. I can honestly sit here and say when first hearing that song, I never really considered the lyrics of living my life as if I was dying. I can argue that my life never allowed me to live that way. I have bills to pay, electricity to turn on, gas to pay in order to get around, and I have to find a job that will promise me 40 hours a week, because if not, then my bills won’t get taken care of. Live like I am dying is definitely not something I wake up in the morning and say I am doing throughout my life, instead I lived to pay for life. Because let’s face it, many of us are. Without work there is no pay, and without pay there is no play.

However, many of us sing inspirational song’s such as “Live like you were dying” by Tim McGraw and have those lyrics repeatedly stick into our heads. When the song come’s on the radio, CD, or IPOD we can know every single word by word piece of that song. But many of us I guarantee do not stop to think twice about their lyrics, as long as that song has a good beat to go along with it.

Live like you were dying is so heart touching and inspirational, that I write about it now, but I’ve always thought about it through the years, ever since the first time I listened to it which was in 2007. It talks about a man that finds out that he has a certain amount of time to live, and because he find’s this out, he takes that time to go through and really look at every aspect of his life. He expresses the importance of how everything changed for him. He expresses the meaning of living, love, laughter, and god. The saddest part I must say that touched my heart in this one song is the fact that he did all this, after finding out that how he didn’t have very much time to live.

How many of us can sit there and say that we don’t just live to pay for life, but we live life as if we were dying? If you were told you only had a certain amount of time to live, would you still live your life the same way? Pay check to pay check, stressing about money, and hours, and time wasted in the day? Or would you do what this guy did, and live his life with no worries and problems? The more and more I think about this song, the more and more I question about how far we have to really go in life, in order to live it with no fear, stress, or guilt. Inspirational songs are everywhere and many people enjoy them, and sing along with them. Some touches the heart and some doesn’t, but most song’s many people take for granted.
When a true artist writes a song, they write that song from their heart. Weather it’s a song that has to do with dying, or a song that has to do with money, or living, or sadness, or heartache. They all are written and created and loved by others, through one person writing from their heart, and other’s acknowledging it because it touches their heart as well.

When I’m sad I end up listening to sad song’s, that make me just as sad, but the reason I listen to these song’s is because it’s a comfort. It’s comforting to me, to know that somebody else has gone through the same pain that I am feeling now. When I’m happy I listen to up beat happy songs, because it feels good, to know that I don’t have to feel guilty that the person next to me whoever that may be is not happy. The person that created this happy song, has felt what I am feeling now. When I’m angry, yup you guess it. I listen to angry song’s because I know that whoever wrote this song, knows exactly what I’m going through and how I’m feeling. Every song that is created is through emotions felt by the heart.

I try to live my life now as if I were dying. I up and quit my job to pursue something that my heart was calling out to. I yearned for that feeling of excitement and joy and being content with my work, which I pushed to become a writer. It’s something that puts my mind as ease, and I can honestly write for hours and hours and feel enjoyment in it. In Tim McGraw’s song. One of his lyrics was “I hope you get the chance to live like you were dying.” I take that song in my mind and my heart wherever I go, because how much more blunt can this man be. In my eyes he was saying, I hope that one day you get that chance to live with no fear, or questions. To be able to push yourself and compete with your own troubles so that you can feel how I am feeling in the end. So that you can become a better person, and live, actually LIVE, with no regret, with no pain, and instead of living to pay for life, I hope you live to so that life can pay for you.

Next time you listen to a song, really listen to the lyrics of that song. I can almost guarantee you, that the whatever it is your listening to, has become one of your favorites not just because of the beat, or because of who sing’s it but because it touches your heart in some way. Song’s are much more then just song’s. Their poetry created by an individual to do one of two thing’s, to share and connect with the world.

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