Music Review: “Memento Mori” by Flyleaf

I enjoyed Flyleaf’s debut album because it was rock music that did not give itself away too preachy as Christian ala they are a Christian rock band. They blend in more darkness and sorrow than many Christian rock acts as they praise Godly things. I listened to their second album “Memento Mori” with some genuine interest in hearing how they may have expanded on their sound, or remained as cool. This time around the God rock vibe prevails much louder. The act doesn’t feel as fresh.

“Beautiful Bride”: The guitars hit hard and well, the vocals are here and there interesting, but the lyrics and content, then washed over with some chant backing vocals, are sort of goofy. The Christian rock content is thick and may alienate listeners who did not catch on previously that Flyleaf is a Christian rock band.

“Again”: “Down on your knees again” theme is cool, the tone is nothing new and this feels like it could have easily been a song on their first album; a song not released as a single.

“Chasm”: She’s a little vicious on this one, sings about “licking a scab off” and “spitting in his face like the rest of them.” Her ‘tude wanes pretty quick though and the song goes into repeat in terms of lyrics going on about needing water and being thirsty. It had promise, but fizzled quick.

“Missing”: Her voice plays well with the guitars and the revelation that something is missing in her is identifiable. They may be Christian rock, but they are not perfect sheep and deal with the same mistakes and issues we all make. Good track.

“This Close”: A solid pop rock track about finding oneself or the confusion of not knowing oneself. The only place it slipped for me was when she presents some more eye spitting lyrics. Some could say there is a little stalker in this song, watching someone and dressing in their clothes activities.

“The Kind”: Too preachy, but steadfast with purpose.

“In The Dark”: Christian wail, pop rock-a-genrico.

“Set Apart This Dream”: It feels like a continuation in sound ala I could imagine them in the recording studio just banging one sound-a-like track after another out to get home and read the Bible.

“Swept Away”: The opening as some FX in the background, sounds like a cry for an exorcism. Spoken word vocals give away to her regular rock belting. This song feels a little more frantic and desperate and gives it the edge that Flyleaf needs to have for me to like them. In the third act she goes off of the chain similar to the way Jonathan Davis of Korn sometimes does.

“Tiny Heart”: The lyrics are very good, the vocals are a little grating, if you close your eyes tight enough you might imagine Avril Lavigne instead of Lacey Strum, but just in brief moments.

“Melting (Interlude)”: Yep. This is there and just is what it is: little instrument blurb.

“Treasure”: Doesn’t sparkle and the theme of being a treasure went the God taking care of you route as opposed to being more of a human connection.

“Circle”: A boring circle to go around.

“Arise”: The construction is a nice break on the ears from all of the harping that was thrown out in a row vocally. However, the song is nothing to write home about; home to Heaven, home to Hell, home to Milwaukee, wherever.

“Uncle Bobby”: The title has me curious, but the song itself is about death, death, death. Decent track.

“Tina”: This track may be an Amazon MP3 only special or something, music industry releases every thing wacky with all the different Internet venues now. This song has a more garage feel to it that is cool. I bet Flyleaf can do some cool Nirvana covers. Good song, actually, the best one out of all of them I just listened too.

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