Must Have Game for 2011: Mortal Kombat

A definite favorite game of mine for 2011 so far is Mortal Kombat. It’s a
game of all around excellence from its complex story, to the creativity of
all the characters’ unique looks and personalities. Of course any fan of
Mortal Kombat will fall deeply in love with this new entry to the series,
but just as well any newcomers who have never even heard the name, but
enjoy a good fighting game, can easily be drawn into its glory just as we
have so many years ago.

In my honest opinion, and I’m sure a fairly big number of people would
agree, the series was slowly but surely starting to lose its touch.
Between killing off Liu Kang and releasing “Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe,”
which completely cut off any traces of massive blood squirting effects or
beautifully brutal fatalities that we’ve grown a custom to, I for one
wasn’t exactly crossing my fingers for a new addition. But then the
developers of NetherRealm Studios came out with this amazing piece of

The visuals of this game are well worthy to be compared to any of today’s
competition. The amount of detail put into the characters, stages, and
even the lively backgrounds are absolutely remarkable. The characters’
movements and attacks are very well executed, leaving no points for
dullness in any fight. The cut scenes in the storyline portion of the game
are just as exciting. They’re fun to watch and again leave no room for
dullness. It’s like your actually watching a completely redone Mortal
Kombat movie with a story so deep that it keeps you constantly coming back
for more.

A new feature to this game, that must be noted, is the x-ray mode. When
players perform their “X-ray moves,” and if properly landed, their
character delivers a devastating attack and the game goes into x-ray mode
which shows a very detailed image of the victim’s skeleton and his/her
bones actually breaking upon impact. The only downfall I can really see to
this feature is that each character only has one x-ray move and with it
being the most commonly used attack in the game, it does tend to get old,
especially when you start asking yourself, “OK I just cracked his spine so
why is he still moving?” But in the end it truly is a nice addition and
I’m sure many fans will appreciate the amount of time and effort the
developers have put into it as well as the game itself.

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