It’s something about the way you smile.
That makes me want to settle down.
Your heart is as big as the world.
I can’t believe that I’m your girl.
When I see you I blow up inside.
What I feel for you I just can’t hide.

You got me under your spell.
I know that everyone can tell,
cause you got me up on a clould.
I can’t figure out.
Why you want me so,
but the feeling is mutual!

It’s the strength in that 6-4 frame.
How you love it when I say your name.
Hold me tight, put your arms around me,
This is where I’m supposed to be.
I love the way you make it do what it do.
That’s why I want to be with you.

So sweet kisses all over me.
You make me want to work,
I’m your honey bee.
The way we touch has lost control.
When we interact it’s an overload.
I love the fact that your not the usual.
That’s why baby, the feeling is mutual.

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