My Family

I grew up with two sisters, my Mom and my Dad

We didn’t have money, but what I needed I had

The words “I love you” would sometimes not be said for days

But in the house it was expressed in so many more ways

Everyday my Dad and my Mom awoke long before us

A homemade breakfast to eat, before we got on the bus

After school we had daily chores, before Dad would arrive

We would all gather at the table for dinner at five

We weren’t allowed to be absent, don’t even try

Here Mom asked the questions under Dad’s watchful eye

As for your conduct of the day, they somehow always knew

They would reinforce guidelines what we could and couldn’t do

The day’s challenges were faced, all expectations were met

We were taught right from wrong by the examples they set

My Parents are special they have always been there for me

If you ask people who know them, you will find they agree

I had a wonderful childhood, my life is better than fair

I am blessed by the Lord to be in a family so rare

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