My Favorite Easter

Growing up in my household was rough. I had an abusive father who wanted nothing to do with his family and a mother who was reluctant to breath out of fear of what my father might say or do. Those days are over now but the memories continue on. Yes, we have many bad memories but there are still some good ones. One of my favorites comes from Easter of ’95. I remember it very well. For once my parents were both getting along. We stayed up most of that Saturday night just dying eggs, decorating them with stickers, setting them on the little paper holders, and throwing them in the fridge to cool. That Sunday morning – Easter Sunday – I got up at around 10am and walked out to the living room to watch cartoons. To my surprise, there was an Easter basket sitting right there on the coffee table just for me. My parents were already up before me and told me that the “Easter Bunny” stopped by to drop it off. I went through that basket like someone had told me there was a million dollar needle hidden in the Easter grass. After that I turned on the T.V. and then ran into the kitchen to get the eggs so I could have something to snack on while I watched cartoons. Needless to say, that memory is one of the ones I recall on a regular basis year round and I’m glad to have the chance to share it with the rest of the world. Especially since it shows that during rough times, one can still find golden moments of happiness. I hope you enjoyed this story.

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