My Favorite Laptop- Samsung N310 Mini Notebook

The samsung N310 Mini Notebook is my favorite laptop.The only downfall about minis is that they do not come with disk drives. But, for all their awesome qualities, I don’t mind doing without a disk drive and maybe you wouldn’t mind either. I currently have the red one (as shown in the photos) but it also comes in a really pretty blue color that I plan on getting soon. The price when I got mines was $350. I’m not sure how it is priced now.

I love this laptop for many reasons but I am going to start with my favorite reason. I am absolutely in love with the protective cover of this laptop. I don’t consider myself the most clumsy person but I have my moments and the cover of this laptop takes away the worry of destroying my laptop in a single fall. And yes, you can destroy your laptop in a single fall. I watched it happen to my best friend’s mini. She had gotten hers months after I got mines and just a little slide and drop shattered her screen. This made me even more thankful for my protective cover. It’s less likely to drop in the first place because the material causes you to have a really good grip. But if it did fall, it’s not likely that the screen will be affected.

I also love that the mini has five hours of battery life. This was perfect for me because I would take it to class with me and sometimes I did not have a plug near me. It was good to know that I could make it through a day of school with no issues. I usually keep my mini plugged up when I’m home and even over night and that has not affected the battery life. I owned an Acer before and my battery was destroyed because of the overcharging. Not that I would advise you to keep it charged since I don’t know whether or not this is harmful to laptops but it has not affected mines.

The 1.3 M Webcam is also great! It comes with CyberLink YouCam which is really awesome. It gives me all these awesome options like drawing on my screen and black and white when I’m video chatting that many other programs don’t have. It’s really clear and takes awesome pictures also.

The last thing I will mention is the 10 inch screen. The reason why I wanted a mini in the first place was because of the size. It’s small and light enough that I can carry it in my purse but it’s still big enough to fit everything I need on the screen. There are smaller sizes but I think this is the perfect size for a mini. It’s probably a little heavier than other minis of the same size because of the protective cover but its worth it.

Many people did not seem to be aware that Samsung made laptops but I promise it’s the best thing since sliced bread. I love my mini and I don’t want to use any other laptop now that I’ve found it.

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