My Favorite Soy Free Snack Foods

Soy is not my friend. It is a food that I’ve recently found out I react negatively to, causing uncomfortable symptoms. Soy is in almost everything, so finding breads, cookies, snacks that don’t have soy in them is incredibly difficult. Not impossible, though.

Here are some of my favorite soy free snacks. The best soy free snacks are obviously all natural fruit and vegetables, but undoubtedly everyone likes a crispy cracker or cookie every once in a while. In looking for soy free snacks, I want tasty items that don’t pack an incredible amount of calories or fat. I look for the fewest ingredients possible and ensure that I can read them as well as know what these ingredients actually are.

1. Betty Lou’s Fruit Bars. These are delicious fruit bars that come in a variety of flavors. Most of them are also gluten-free for anyone that has intolerance to gluten. 2. Back to Nature Multi-Seed Gluten Free Rice Thin Crackers. These are delicious. They remind me slightly of wheat-thins. These are incredibly crunchy and great as stand-alone crackers or with hummus or other toppings. 3. Enjoy Life Mini-Chips. Soy is in almost all chocolate as an emulsifier, so finding chocolate without soy is difficult. Enjoy Life’s Mini Chips have no dairy, soy, or nuts – the top allergies for individuals. These are incredibly sweet and yummy. I use them mostly to mix into a trail mix of raisins, pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds. If I ate them by themselves I would surely eat an entire bag. 4. Lightly Salted RICE SNAX. These have a unique flavor and are great with soups or salads. They are very thin almost resembling potato chips. 5. Back to Nature Granola – great for breakfast or a snack. They have several different varieties. 6. Snapea Crisps from Calbee. These are puffed rice and peas. These are great with salads, or to dip into spinach dip or other dips. 7. Oskri Organic Bars. These bars I’ve grown to really enjoy. They are super crunchy and made out of a variety of seeds. My favorite is the sesame bar which is made with black sesame’s. They are a great sweet treat on the go.

I’m sure there are other great soy free treats on the market. I often tend to try things and stick with what I like since it’s easier to shop for specific brands than read labels every time I hit the store. Hope you enjoy my list.

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