My Favorite Summer Activity

With summer almost over now, I am already missing my days at the lake. I love going to Lake Mead and I only have about a month or so left now to go. The school days will be starting and lazy days out at the lake will be ending. There are a lot of different areas to go to at Lake Mead and I really could care less whether I have a jet ski or skis or a boat to use. I love going out there, hanging out, drinking and just relaxing.

I can watch the lake all day, sitting in my lounge chair, with a Blue Moon and watching the waves go by. This will depend on how windy it is that day. I love seeing the boaters go by, waving and watching them fly by. There are so few bugs too. You would think there would be so many more, but there really isn’t. What there is is birds, everywhere sometimes. They land on the lake, float, dip their heads under or catch any bugs flying around. It is pretty cool to watch them. They come and go all day long.

While out there I forget my problems and how long I have even been there. Going to Lake Mead in Vegas is something that I Have always grown up with and I take my own kids too. I have gone almost every weekend now for over 20 years. There is nothing else to do a lot of times in Vegas in the summer with the heat and the lake is always perfect to cool off in. Plus, there are so many locations to go too, you can find new inlets and alcoves where no one else is at, even when you do not have a boat and you are only driving to different locations.

Summer has almost gone and I only have a short time left to spend out there.

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