My Favourite Book of the Year 2011

This year I have read lots of books. I have read books by people like Pastor John Maxwell, Myles Munroe, Ben Carson, David Park, Pastor David Oyedepo, Dr W. F. Kumuyi and my own books.

Among the books, the book that inspired me most is my own book which is known as the Jollof of ideas and Wisdom (The Success Secrets and Collection) published on Amazon (Kindle) in July, 2011. This is an uncommon book of our time from an Afro European.

The reason why I love the book is because it is blended with lots of secrets and ideas that are simple, and yet have helped me to achieve great results. For example, it talks about the human potential and how awesome and strong we are as people. It also talks about the power of information, the power of resisting in hard times, how to be courageous, how to overcome shyness, how to be content, problem solving and the power of purpose and the law of process and procedure which helps us to become good and great achievers.

Besides the above listed, there is a part in the book which was dedicated to quotes on success to help awaken the readers to think beyond the box. The reasons for these quotes are to awaken us to fulfil our purpose for being here on planet earth.

It is a book that helps people to become great over comers in difficult times and to also challenge us to move beyond limits by destroying limiting beliefs and fears which are often the enemies of our progress.

I am not saying that this book of mine is the better than the books of people like Zig Ziglar and Myles Munroe, etc. However, it teaches lots of good and great things-all those who have read and have written back to me do confirm this. What the readers told me is; “it is a book one will not like to drop the moment one starts to read it”.

In fact, this is a book I can recommend to anyone. It is more inspiring than all my first five books, and I love it with all my heart and cannot stop reading it alongside my bible because of the inspiration I do gain from it. The following are some of the excerpts from the book; I do hope it will be of great interest.

vYou cannot be different from your thinking. vWhen we act out of God’s plan, frustration will set in. vWhen no one knows, remember that God does. v When patience fades, disaster will knock in. § People who feel comfortable with poverty will always remain poor. § Be faithful to God, your society, yourself, and your potentials and you will succeed, even in the desert.

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