My Favourite Game of 2011 Goes To Battlefield 3

Its been a really competitive year for video games, and with the end of the year coming ever so closer there can only be one winner for the best game of 2011. My bank account has had its balance drained just to keep me up to date with the many games that were released this year. They have been flooding out (especially in November) just in time for the Christmas sale season. I believe I’ve played more than enough games to be eligible to say which one is my favorite and which one deserves number one on my recommendations list, so here it is my number one favorite of the year and why you should get it…

Battlefield 3:
One hell of a game, it really did blow my mind graphics and gameplay wise! Battlefield was going to be the big contender to try and knock the famous Call of Duty series off its throne; and it did (in my eyes).

Why Did I Enjoy It?

It was an amazing game! Okay, the campaign may be a bit weak (a bit!) but the action packed, superb and astonishing multiplayer very much made up for every single mistake made in the campaign. I stunning use of lighting really made up the game along with the little things like the dust particles as you watch your team bring down an entire building with explosives, right in front of your eyes.

The game engine (Frostbite 2.0) is a real technical achievement for both the company and the gaming word. Its a huge slap for rival developers to step up their game. With destructible environments the whole map can change during the game and every match you play the environment changes (no more annoying camping spots) The multiplayer really encourages team work, with lots of different classes side by side, everyone has their own bit to play in taking down the enemy team whether it be running around throwing health packs to your fellow ground troops, placing mines to stop enemy tanks from advancing or giving your mates support from the skies in either a helicopter or a jet.

A Good Investment?

Yes, 110% yes. This (in my opinion) is the best game currently available to buy at most major game retailers. It may set you £40 out of pocket but I sure is worth the money! I really hope publisher EA and developer Dice are collecting feedback and have already started to plan the next Battlefield. I really would encourage you to invest into this game, if not I would be disappointed. Battlefield is a real technological advance from the world of gaming, there has been no other game like this. Sure there has been the same plot kind of plot before but we haven’t been given this experience in any game ever released. This is the kick-start to a revolution in realistic gaming. Congratulations EA and Dice you have yourself a real contender to knock the Call of Duty series off their high throne which you so rightly deserve.

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