My Lust for a Juicy Cheeseburger

I had a dream, a provocative fantasy that could not be kept secret. No, it had to expand farther than a Facebook page. I had a dream on girls, but not just any pretty woman. There were an assortment of haircolors, from dazzling blonds, to stunning brunettes and lastly, shy red heads. Each and every one were drop dead gorgeous, but I did not have a lust for a woman.
The girl’s behind the register seem to have fallen from heaven and took the night shift at a local diner for a single divine purpose. So I can order a cheeseburger, a beautiful burger with an assortment of cheeses. From American, to Swiss and most importantly, cheddar. One of them, the girls in my dream, came to my occupied booth. She stood tall, twirled her healthy red hair with a single finger, and gave the look only a beauty can give to the male population.

“What will it be, sugar?”

What will it be, I wondered. I hestitated too long, I wasn’t prepared, but I already knew what I was going to order. The essential meat to sustain my life force, I needed it. I wanted it so much, I raised one finger to the sky and proudly said, “cheeseburger.” She drifted her shoulders to the side, lifted her palm sized notepad and scribbled a short message and responded with a sweet low tone, “coming right up.”

I can already taste it, a home made, butter warmed bread with selected cheese on top of cheese. Moments later, she held a tray high in her left palm. On top of the tray, cradled the greatest creation of all time. She placed the plate in front of me, less than an arms length. I slowly reached out, as if touching the hand of God, and slowly brought the burger to my mouth. My mouth was wide open, but before I could take an inhuman bite. I awoke to a still, dark room.

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