My New Vehicle Will Be a Dodge Nitro

We only bought a new car last year but when we were picking out that car, we had no idea that we would be living up in the mountains, although the locals call them hills of Tennessee less than a year later. We had purchased a Dodge Avenger with front wheel drive last year. It is a great little car but living up here in the hills, we feel we would be in better shape year round if we were to have a four-wheel drive vehicle.

How we Decided Which Vehicles to Research

That being said we embarked on the search for the vehicle that would fit our needs the best for our currently living situation. After doing comparisons online, looking at different makes and models as well as pricing, we narrowed it down to three choices via the Internet.

We knew that we wanted to do that before we headed out or you could end up spending days test driving different vehicles at different dealerships only then to discover that all the vehicles you test drove have blended into one another and that you are going to need to narrow it down to three to five and go back out and drive them all over again.

Nissan Pathfinder

So armed with facts and figures and dealer incentives from the Internet we hit the Nissan dealer downtown. After driving the Nissan Pathfinder, we found that we did not like the way the vehicle handled the road and because of that, it was removed from our short list.

Subaru Outback

Next we headed over to the Subaru dealer to test drive and Outback. While the vehicle handled the road nicely I really wasn’t sold on it’s physical appearance and I felt we could get more for our money elsewhere but I decided to keep this vehicle on my short list while we headed to the third and final destination.

Dodge Nitro

The Dodge dealer is where we have been taking our car for oil changes since moving to Tennessee. I have been eying the 2011 Dodge Chargers, my actual dream car every time we are there. If I didn’t live up here on this hill I would probably trade in my car for the Charger but responsibility must prevail and so I am there to test-drive the Dodge Nitro. The test drive went great. We were very pleased by the way she hugged the road, her gas mileage and her price. We were especially pleased with the way she looks. We don’t need to go back and drive any of our short list vehicles again. Our next vehicle will be a Dodge Nitro.

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