My New Year’s Resolution – Passing Years

I will tell my kids yes, when no is the easier answer.
I will stop and think about my action, instead of just going through the motion of tucking them in at night.
I’ll watch my husband as he walks away, out the door to work, instead of quickly resuming my current activity.
I will laugh when people don’t think it’s too funny.
I’ll wear white after Labor Day because I like the way it looks.
I’ll try to always make my parents proud while still being myself.
I’ll try to look as beautiful as my husband and children think I am.
I’ll dance in the rain more often, at midnight, in my pajamas.
I’ll be as great as my dogs think I am.
I won’t be too busy for life.
I’ll keep in mind that my family comes before all things.
I’ll know that “happiness” is what I make it and allow it to be.
I’ll keep in mind that making money nor work is worth loosing happiness or quality time.
I’ll always know that home is where my husband and kids are, no matter where that is.
I’ll make ‘me’ proud of me, and proud to be me.
I’ll strive to lay my head down at night and have no regrets.
I’ll mend all the wrong and broken relationships that matter and let go of the one’s that aren’t worth the hurt.
I’ll be a selfless and giving friend.
I’ll always keep in mind that life is indeed too short.
I’ll live like every day is my last and love like it’s a life-line.
And after all of this is said and done, I’ll do it all over again.

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