My Night as a DJ in the Fleshpits of Las Vegas! : Part Three

In the previous article ,It had been a very interesting eight hours at the Crazy Horse One Saloon. My Easter had started very early in Las Vegas with a visit to church and an Easter egg hunt with my two little boys.

Somehow I had ended up in a Gentlemen Club playing music for dancing girls. Finally it was time to clear out the customers so I played Nat King Cole singing,”The Party is Over,” which seemed appropriate

It was a very rare occasion that the club was shutting down that night, but the manager had ordered a crew of cleaners to come and suck some of the beer out of the carpet. The girls had changed out of their colorful, risque costumes. Now, dressed in frumpy jogging suits, they were getting escorted to their rides by the happy Samoan from Hawaii.

I was packing up my music and saying goodbye to the ladies as they brought me handfuls of sweaty one dollar bills. There were high fives and “Good Job!” as the girls team had won against the boys team once again. I felt like Tom Hanks in that movie” A League of Their Own.”

The nice grandma, Mitzi, who ran the sewing machine in the dressing room came up the stairs to the disc jockey booth with a Frederick”s of Hollywood shopping bag. One of the girls had ordered a costume, but had been kidnapped in mid-shift by her Mormon brothers who came to take her back to Salt Lake City.

I knew I was going to have some explaining to do to my jealous wife so I figured if I brought home a present for her that I might be forgiven for having too much fun when I was supposed to be working.

In addition to the good deal on the costume, Mitzi gave me a red business card with a little rooster on it with directions to a private party at a big house in the Sunrise Mountains. When I went home, the wife was putting on her makeup and giving instructions to the babysitter, even though the kids were already asleep.
I didn’t tell her where we were going, but when she peeked in the shopping bag, I did get a little smile.

So we drove up in the hills and found the big house surrounded by a wall like a castle.
After showing the red card and making a forty dollar donation to the doorman, we entered the main lobby where it looked more like Mardi Gras than Easter.

There was jazz music from New Orleans playing and I recognized Al Hirt from his “Honey in the Horn” album. I took my brown paper bag to the bartender and tipped her a few bucks for writing my name on the bottle which she tucked in a loaded cabinet.

My wife was directed to a changing room from which she emerged in a Cat Woman outfit complete with the mask. We strolled out to the deck around a big swimming pool and mingled.

I can’t tell you everything that happened at the party that night. Some things are better left to the imagination. Needless to say, the wife kept a tight grip on my elbow all night until the red sky of morning signaled the end of the festivities.

The next day, she went to Mass and confession.

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