My Once Beloved Blackberry

COMMENTARY | Since I have been of working age, the BlackBerry dominated the world, or at least the corporate world. I saw the pretty model in blue affectionately nicknamed the BlueBerry and wistfully wished for one. I remember the RIM 7230 model was the first color screen model and everyone couldn’t wait to drop their old ones in the toilet to be part of the virtual world in color. Then the Curve added slimness and a camera – because you never know when you need ad hoc pictures – became our best friend. This was for years the favorite and proud accessory for corporate users. To own one from work meant you are a VIP, or at least your company is a VIP.

My BlackBerries, a personal and a corporate one, traveled with me through thick and thin, stood by me through storms and travel mishaps, and allowed me to communicate from a computer on many early mornings and weekends. I have seen the BlackBerry survive toilet dives and four days of no recharging, which is more than I can say for its competitors.

But all good things must come to an end. I committed the cardinal sin and fell to the temptation of the Droid and iPad with its full size touch screen and more consumer-targeted applications. I tossed my personal BlackBerry, the latest model being the Tour, aside and never looked back. It did not come without a price. Aside from the seamless push e-mail technology, the BlackBerry kept all your buddies a click away with the Messenger. It was a text message for free with anyone globally. The only criterion is you must also own one. Now, how difficult is that to find five years ago? I believe this was the most addicting reason to stay faithful for many users, as it certainly was with me. With time, my Blackberry buddies list decreased as everyone moved onto other devices so it was time for me to leave the party as well.

Now I see my once-beloved going down a dark deep dusty road. Will it soon become an obsolete item like the cassette tape? I believe that is it’s inevitable fate, for the corporate and consumer world. Other smart phones and tablets are gaining more favor for companies’ usage, which was once the heart of the BlackBerry market. I wished and wished for RIM to push forward with the rest of the smartphones but year and year they have failed to show the same innovation. The best to hope for is a buyout.

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