My Original Fitness Routine

My weekly workout involves some of the most unusual routines that anyone would have ever considered. Between 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. I wake up and go before my Tibetan Buddhist shrine and do what is called prostrations.

Prostrations are a Tibetan form of exercise and it is known to be very healthy. These prostrations consist of four forms of hand motions one above the head that represents refuge in the Lama. Then I move into the second position which involves my hands being folded together in a prayer position over my forehead for representation of my refuge in the Buddha. The third position, is one where I move my hands still together in the prayer position over my mouth. This is a representation of my refuge in the dharma. Refuge in the dharma means refuge in the teachings that the Buddha and lama has passed on to us (the followers of Tibetan Buddhism).

Fourthly, I move my hands still in the prayer position and place them upon my heart. This represents my refuge to the sangha. The sangha is the heart of Buddhism. It is the teachers, monks, nuns and members joined together like a family. This action represents my devotion to the whole family of Buddhists. After I do these hand positions, I bend down to my knees, and touch my nose to the ground. I do this action including the four hand positions three times. After the third prostration I am done.

Then I make my bed, which is quite an exercise in itself. I make sure every corner is straight and then I face the sunshine in the middle of my floor. I put a thick rug down and then I sit down and attempt to meditate for about 30 minutes in the sun.

After I am done with the meditation which sometimes I have trouble focusing on, I get dressed then I grab my dog’s collar and my husband. We put the collar around our big black Labrador’s neck and connect the leash.

Then we let our dog lead us on a nice peaceful walk down our country road. My husband and I will talk together while we walk and we try to make sure that the walk lasts for at least 30 minutes. Then we both turn around and walk back home. Once we get home, I go into my bedroom and pick out an outfit that is cute and then I go and take a bath.
I do these exercises every day, accept on the weekends when I am down in Richmond spending time with my family. This is my weekly fitness routine that I am very content with. Eventually, when I get more energy I plan to add yoga to the routine.

This exercise routine does not really help with weight. However, this fitness routine does help with mental health and happiness. When I do the routine that I have set up I find my day goes much more smoothly. I would suggest you add these to your daily routine as well.

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