My Personal Experience of Rosh Hashanah

At first when I heard of Rosh Hashanah I thought, “Oh no another Jewish holiday”, my views of Jewish holidays where narrow minded, but latter I read that this is actually a holiday ordained by God Himself in the Leviticus book of the bible. It is a time for me to rethink what I was doing in my life. My goals, aspirations and my dreams are what drives me to go on , but when the beginning of a new year comes in it is a time of self-reflection, of making new goals, or renewing them for the year to come. I think, it is a good thing to take the day off and do no work whatsoever. This high holy day makes me feel relaxed and gives me time to think where I am going in my life. It is also a time for self-evaluation. In my experience with this day I feel a sense of rest and relaxation, it makes feel refreshed to start a new year with renewed set of goals. I also feel eager to accomplish these goals. This day is also a time for me to remember all the things I did wrong and do what is right by trying to do right in the year to come. I had a good year before, but one can always aspire for a better year ahead. I felt that experiencing this holy day of Rosh Hashanah made me a better person and helped me create a plan to always do better in my behavior, and actions in the coming year with this day of introspection and self-reflection.
I think this holiday is worth remembering and celebrating. A new year for me means a chance to do better in my life, and leaves room for improvement in my life. The first time I experienced this holy day I had the opportunity to think about what I would do as a purpose to bring more meaning to my life. I had the chance to think through what I need to do to make my life more fruitful and productive.This holy day made me feel and think lucid and is a great planning guide for my life. To think about how I need to improve myself and how to better myself through introspection; this time of the year is perfect for that matter. This holy day is certainly has value because it makes us humans think how we should act and what we want in life. This holiday was for sure a fruitful experience for me because it puts me in a position to think about myself and what I need to do to live the best life I can live while I’m on this earth.

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