My Quest to Purchase a New Ford

Soon, I will begin my quest to purchase a new Ford. The reason why is that I am sick and tired of putting money into my current ride: 2006 Buick Rainer. It seems like I get one thing fixed and then another problem arises. Now I have been informed that the Rainer needs new tires. This will run me $400 new. I can’t afford this price. Plus, I am tired of the endless stops at the gas stations to refuel. Yes, I came to a decision that it is time to replace the Rainer.

Why am I replacing it with a Ford? To be honest, I like Fords. I always have had a lot of luck with Ford products. Why I purchased the Rainer in the first place, you may ask. One word can answer that question: John. Yes, my husband wanted the Rainer. The Rainer was for him. For this reason, I allowed him to have final say.

What kind of Ford will I get? How will I narrow down my purchases?

First, I went online and did some basic price comparisons. I looked at how much cars, trucks and SUVs cost. It didn’t take long to see that trucks were out of my price range, much to my husband’s disappointment.

Of course, I knew I didn’t want a full size SUV. I want something that would have lower gas miles. Now my choices became a lot smaller.

Next, I go online to KellyBluebook to find out what my Rainer is basically worth. Then I check out my to make sure my credit looks good at Finally, I send my husband to our local car dealership Nourse. Yes, this is the only car dealership we like. They have given us great deals in the past and until they do us wrong, we see no reason why we should purchase our cars, trucks, anywhere else.

While he is there, I also check out there products online at: I usually, don’t like going to the car dealership until John has picked one or two in person. Then we compare notes from what I see online.

Right now, I am leaning towards a Ford Fusion. Will this actually be the choice we make? This will take a few more weeks of discussion, reading reviews online and deep thinking before we make our final decision. Until then, we will see what kinds of deals Nourse can give us. Once we hear something we like, we will talk to our bank and see if we can make a deal.

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