My Top Five Favorite IPhone Apps

I wasn’t a big fan of the Apple iPhone when it first came out. It was only due to the limited choices available when I had to replace a damaged Windows-based smartphone that I ended up getting the iPhone 3GS. Since that time I have really enjoyed using the iPhone and all the great apps available for it. Here are my top five favorite iPhone apps that I highly recommend.

Word With Friends

Without a doubt, Word With Friends is my favorite iPhone app. As a writer, I enjoy learning new words and playing word games. This amazingly addictive app allows me the chance to satisfy that need and have fun at the same time. The board layout in the app is very similar to Scrabble. It has double words, triple words, double letters and other aspects that are comparable to Scrabble. You can compete against friends, random players and players connected through Facebook and Twitter. Once you acquire Words With Friends, you will become addicted to the game and find yourself playing it all times of day and night.

Facebook for iPhone

The Facebook for iPhone app helps to keep me connected to my Facebook friends and things posted on Facebook. The app provides a lot of the same features that are found on the website such as status updates, messaging, photos, news feeds, events and chat. By having this app on my iPhone, I’m never very far from keeping in touch with Facebook friends. It provides notifications based on my preferences and lets me know when something has been posted, updated or when a new message is waiting.

Tunein Radio

I can highly recommend Tunein Radio as a great music app and one of my favorite iPhone apps. This app connects you with many of the top radio stations around the country and around the world. You can browse stations by country, state, city, genre and language. The thing that sold me on this app is that it has many of the local radio stations to which I listen. It allows me to add them to the My Presets tab to readily access them. The app has a recommended tab that suggests music based on the musical preferences that you have chosen. Overall, Tunein Radio is just as good as other similar music apps.


How many times have you listened to the radio and heard a song but didn’t know the name of it? You waited to see if the deejay would announce the name or even the group but that didn’t happen. Shazam is a fantastic app that uses the iPhone’s microphone to obtain a sample of a song and then searches an online database to identify the song. Shazam provides the name, artist, album, lyrics, discography, tour info, reviews and other information that may be available for that particular song. Shazam is an amazing app that makes you wonder how you ever lived without it.

Cheap Gas!

The Cheap Gas! app by is a very useful and money-saving app. With the high gas prices that are plaguing us all, it is very necessary to have an app like Cheap Gas! to help locate the cheapest gas prices in the area. The app lists the stations by price or by the nearest location. You can search for gas stations by zip code or press the icon to find the nearest stations to your current location. Prices are indicated by how frequently they have been updated to give you the latest prices. There is also a feature to report a station to help update the database. I have found this to be one of the most used and handiest iPhone apps that I have on my phone.

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