My Top Five NFL Touchdown Celebrations of 2011

Every year, there are notable touchdown celebrations that will live on forever and 2011 is no exception. Some may have been pre-determined, while others are done on natural instinct. But no matter the situation, the following celebrations are fun, creative and original.

5. Maurice Jones-Drew’s Powder Toss
In a Week 11 matchup with the Cleveland Browns, Maurice Jones-Drew fights for extra yards and eventually reaches the end zone. To taunt the Cleveland fans, he imitates former Cavalier LeBron James’ powder toss ritual. As expected, he was loudly booed.

4. David Nelson Hugs Cowboys Cheerleader
You may be asking yourself why Nelson (Buffalo Bills receiver) would hug the opposing team’s cheerleader, but it turns out the woman he hugged is his girlfriend. After scoring the Bills’ first touchdown of the game against Dallas in Week 10, Nelson literally jogged back 80 yards to give her a hug along with the ball he scored with.

3. Aaron Hernandez is Making it Rain
With the New England Patriots trailing 10-3 to the New York Giants in the fourth quarter, Aaron Hernandez reaches the end zone on a five-yard pass from Tom Brady. To celebrate, Hernandez grabs a shovel and uncovers a pile of cash. Whenever he hits pay dirt, he’ll be sure to make it rain.

2. Antonio Brown’s Bennie Biggle Wiggle
Steelers receiver Antonio Brown scored his first touchdown of his career in a Week 8 game against the New England Patriots. To celebrate the milestone, he broke down to the Bennie Biggle Wiggle in front of Steeler Nation. He definitely put some time and thought into this one!

1. Victor Cruz’s Salsa Dance
In a Week 3 divisional battle with the Philadelphia Eagles, Victor Cruz catches a short seven-yard pass from Eli Manning and turns it into an unexpected 74-yard touchdown reception, breaking the game open 14-0. To celebrate the score and his Puerto Rican heritage, he performs his signature salsa dance.

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