MY Voice! that Little Voice Inside My Head..

Does it really matter if your best friend doesn’t like the guy/girl you are in love with??

Or your parents don’t like the man/woman you wanna marry??

When is it the right time to use YOUR voice?? Don’t YOU get a say in it?

The understanding that people have come to agree upon is that you need to get more than one opinion,but the way I see it,what about yours??

If you love that person,why wait till your best friend makes that one silly remark,that you might have ignored if you’d have seen it before they acknowledged it? Or why make your parents meet that person,when your parents fight everyday and married under the most inconvenient circumstances??

What happened to that little voice inside your head? That voice that tells you to do or not do things,or say or not say things,and its more often than not,right.

What about YOUR voice??

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