My Winter Miracle

It was late winter

Snow covered landscapes, while breathtaking

Were an annoyance to me

In fact lately, I found everything annoying

Needless to say, I was depressed

Depressed over the cold, bone chilling,

And lonely nights

Children enjoying the sights and sounds

Of winter’s magic

Did little to cheer me

Being disabled did not help

I found it hard to cope

But, God is good

And miracles do happen

Even when we don’t believe

For, one such dreary day

I ran into my first love

He had changed somewhat

But for the better

His eyes still twinkled with excitement

His face still blushed

At the slightest hint of embarrassment

And, he had the most brilliant smile

I was pleased beyond measure

To see him

From a distance

I spotted his handsome visage

And rushed to improve

My own appearance

Too late, he had noticed me

In all my disarray

Then, much to my surprise

He grabbed me and gave me

The biggest hug

He then proceeded to plant

A stolen kiss

I was shocked at his boldness

But pleasantly so

Chills ran up and down my spine

As a familiar warmth spread

Through my heart

Leaving me speechless

But, words were not necessary

When he finally let me go

He inquired about my welfare

I said I had been getting along

What about him

He replied he’d been OK, too

But, he went on to say

I never forgot about you

Come with me, he coaxed

Let’s dance

But there’s no music, I replied

Yes there is, he responded

Can’t you hear it

And suddenly, there we were

Dancing in the middle of the snow

Just me and him

In a world all our own

Yes, miracles do still happen

Even when we don’t believe

Happy tears trickled down my cheeks

As I realized this was the miracle

I had been praying for all along

No, words were not necessary

He was here with me, now

And, that’s all that mattered

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