Mystery Case Files Malgrave Incident Walkthrough

Need help while playing the newest MCF game for the Wii? Use this Mystery Case Files Malgrave Incident walkthrough to get past any tricky spots. Feel free to ask questions in the comments section and I will help you out! Click forward to the next page to get started.Press “A” to start a game. Choose any of the save slots and then choose “Adventure mode.” Walk through the brightness test to adjust your screen to the proper brightness. Watch the cutscene which gives background on Malgrave Island and your mission on Malgrave Island. Watch the tutorial. It instructs you to use your pointer to explore the area on the screen. If you see a magnifying glass, that means you need to investigate that area or item. Hold your pointer on the item and press “A” to investigate. Use your pointer to grab the radio on the boat seat in front of you. Click on the screen in front of you to proceed to the dock. Click on the boat house to move behind it. Click on the shiny area to open the first hidden objects scene. Use your seek-and-find skills to locate each item on the list. The hedge clippers are now in your inventory. Click on the hanging foliage in front of you, then click on the stairwell to your left. Open your inventory on the right-hand side of the screen and select your hedge clippers. Use the hedge clippers on the foliage blocking the stair case and move forward.

Cliff gateClick on the shiny area to open a hidden objects scene. Find all the objects to receive a rope in your inventory. Move forward up the steps to the gate. Collect the post card in the trees to the left of the gate. Click on the gate, then click on the chains. Move back away from the gate and turn to your right. Click on the sign on the edge of the cliff. Open your inventory and use your rope on the sign. Click the down arrow to climb down to the spillway

SpillwayClick on the sewer pipe and pull the red lever to lower a plank. Click on the shiny area to open a hidden object scene. You will now have a pipe in your inventory. Click on the area that used to hold the lever. Open your inventory and use the pipe on the latch handle. Pull the handle to open the gate, and a hacksaw will fall out. Climb back up the rope to the cliff gate and approach the gate. Use your hacksaw to cut the chains.

BathsWalk forward one screen and turn right into the baths area. Walk into the lower bath area and click on the sundial. Back up one scene then move forward to the left. Approach the gray gate and click on the mechanism to the left. This is where you will deposit dust you’ve collected. Move back one screen and click on the shiny area to the left. Search the area and you will gain a map in your inventory. Back up two screens and collect the postcard sitting on the swing.

Return to the DocksHead back to the boathouse and click on the shiny area for a new scene. You now have plank. Return to the apparatus in the baths to empty your dust. Rotate the center gear so that there is an opening near the glowing purple area of your device and another path opening into the center circle. Press the purple circle to empty your device. Watch the staircase open and move forward up the stairs.

South Street
Move forward towards the cottage and click on the door. Click on the item on the door to add a photo to your case book. The contraption on the door opens and you must solve the puzzle. Flip the gray blocks and create a line from each colored block to its matching colored block. You must make the line the same color as the blocks you are connecting, so flip the gray blocks until they are the correct color. Once all the colored blocks are connected to their matching blocks, the door will open.

General StoreTurn to your left and click on the shiny area. Find everything to receive a pitchfork for your inventory. Exit the general store and turn down the alleyway to the left. Click past the newspaper box.

PlazaWalk forward to the statue in the middle of the plaza and click on the small object on the statue’s arm. Observe the frozen door to the right of the statue. Move forward past the frozen door proceed forward up the street.

North StreetClick on the poster located on the rocks just before the drawbridge. Click the shiny area to your left to open a hidden objects scene. You will now have a bug zapper in your inventory. Return to the plaza and move up the stairs to the right of the statue. Use the bug zapper on the hornet’s nest to clear that path.

GraveyardWalk forward into the graveyard. Move to your left and click the shining area to the left of the path. Search the scene to earn a ticket for your inventory. Return to the graveyard entrance and head right towards the human statue. Click on the statue. She will fall off the cliff. Move forward towards the house in the distance. Click on the tower to launch a cutscene. Kick the bucket on the concrete wall to the left of the tower. Place the plank on the right leg of the tower and climb up. Click on the box on top and it will fall down. Move towards the house and click on the postcard in the tree to collect it. Click on the house door and grab the note, which gives a clue on how to open it. You must collect three gears to open the door.

South StreetReturn to the door outside the general store on South Street. Click on the window on the building to the left of the general store. Click on the bike on the ground between the two buildings. Move back one screen and turn to your left. Click on the kite on the building on the far left side of the screen. Return to the plaza. Move past the statue and notice a building with a red door and a poster. Click the poster. Return to the red door with the puzzle. Use the arrows to change the icons. Use your diary to figure out the icon combination. It should read “2 b (oar) (knot) 2 (bee)”

Theater Lobby
Enter the theater and click on the shiny area. Find all the objects to collect the coin. Search through the coat rack to the right of the desk. Flip all the coats and grab the item on the wall. Head up the stairs and click on the hanging piece of rail. Move forward to the door. You need to find the “tragedy” piece to open the door. Go downstairs and move forward to the double doors in the lobby. Place your ticket in the ticket taker and move forward into the theater.

TheaterMove to the left room. Click on the tree and the clock to the left of the tree. Move to the room to the left of the clock. Backstage Click the shiny door in the backstage area to search for objects and earn a pig tile. Click the second shiny door to search another scene. You will walk away from this one with a valve wheel. Move to the far left of the backstage area. To observe the rope pulley system. You need an item to fix it.

South StreetReturn to the alleyway in south street and use your coin on the newspaper machine.

Click on the apparatus next to the statue in the plaza. Rotate the inner rings to create a line from your device to the inner circle. This will empty your dust into the apparatus and cause a doorway to open below the statue.

Water Utility
Climb down the ladder in the center of the room. Head right towards the gated area. Click on the shiny item past the gate and grab the valve handle on the left side of the gate. Move to the left area of the room and click on the shiny area. Find all the objects and collect the Red Tractor Light for your inventory. Turn to the left and grab the postcard from the bucket. Click the mechanism on the right side of the wall. Place your valve handles on the machine and turn the two left handles. Climb back up the ladder to the door.

North Street
Click on the small steel mechanism to the bottom left of the drawbridge. Use your pitchfork to lower the bridge. Continue forward toward the estate.

Front Lawn
Walk toward the estate and click on the shiny area on the porch. Find all the objects to collect the crank arm. Click on the door. Wait for the item to fall and click on the door again.

Click on the portrait on the top right wall of the foyer. Click the crown on the woman in the portrait. Move to the right area of the foyer and enter th door. Click the shiny area to collect the item on the piano. Move forward to Malgrave’s desk. Move behind the desk.

North Street
Return to the drawbridge and click on the shiny area. Find all the objects and collect the bullwhip.

General Store
Return to the General store at south street to search through a new hidden object scene. You will now have a red pig.

Return to the baths and search the shiny area in the tent. You will now have a bolt.

Cliff Gate
Return to the area just before the cliff gate to search some more. This search yields a lever.

Climb down the side of the cliff to the spillway. Click on the device component to pick it up. Move forward to search the shiny area in the distance, where you will find a letter “a” tile.

Theater Lobby
Enter the theater lobby and click on the shiny area by the desk. You now have a red button.

Walk into the theater and proceed to the backstage area. Search both hidden object scenes. The first one yields a putty knife, and the second yields a letter “g” tile. Walk to the pulley system and use the red button on the pulley with no button. Press the button to activate the system. Return to the theater where the piano was hanging before. Open your case book to the page with music notes. Press the piano keys in the following pattern. “RLRLRRR,” but play it as if you were sitting at the piano. The keys will actually play as your “LRLRLLL.” The top will open and you can grab the device component from inside. Move to the right side of the area and grab the photo from the chair.

Return to the plaza and use the putty knife on the frozen door.

Butcher Shop
Walk forward to the frozen case in front and click on the shiny area. Move to the left side of the shop and click on the shiny double doors to search and collect a sundial piece. Move to the left side of the room and click on the ticket puller. Grab the ticket to reveal a number and get a clue.

Return to recessed area of the baths and place the sundial piece on the broken sundial. Rotate the sundial to point to eight o’clock or XIII. This will pop open the sundial and give you another device component.

North Street
Return to the area of north street just past the drawbridge and move to the left. You will see another dust-collecting apparatus. Use the device pieces from your inventory to fix the apparatus. Click on the fixed apparatus and rotate the pieces to create a path for the dust. Watch the cutscene, which shows the brick wall expanding to create a stairwell. You can now see a windmill in the distance.

Turn to the right and walk forward. Click on the shining area to trigger a chain of falling objects. Click on the well to get a clue and flip the switch on the motor. Return to the path and open the mailbox. Click on the item inside the mailbox. Continue down the path and click on the shining area inside the shed. You now have a small valve wheel. Click on the farmhouse to the right.

Move to the right of the room to trigger a new hidden object scene. Find all the items to get the belt for your inventory. Return to the well outside and use the belt on the well. When the bucket pulls up, you now have a rusty gear. Go back to the farmhouse and move forward in the room. Click on the screeching ketle to move it from the stove. Move to the work desk area and click on the device. The object is to get one ounce of liquid into the 3L container.

MCF Malgrave Incident 3L 5L Container Puzzle
Fill the 3L container, then transfer it to the 5L container. Fill the 3L container again and move it to the 5L side again. Drain the 5L container, then move the remainder of the 3L container to the 5L container. Place your rusty gear into the middle container to clean it off.

Return to the front door of the estate and click on the hidden object scene to get the water hose.

Return to the farm and move forward to the gate at the end of the farm path and click on the device. Open your inventory and find the red disc/button, and place it on the area that is sparking.

MCF Malgrave Incident Gate Puzzle:
Use the “up” and “down” buttons on the four bars of the gate to move each bar into the following position:

1st bar: doesn’t move
2nd bar: move down
3rd bar: move down
4th bar: move up


Move forward to the start of the maze and open your book for a map that will help you move through the maze.

MCF Malgrave Incident Corn Maze PuzzleThe correct directions are as follows: Right, Left, Right, Right. Continue to the left to explore the rest of the maze. You don’t have to worry about circling back in this maze, although it’s up to you to explore each area of the maze. I would suggest you check both sides of each fork and take note of any landmarks to help you remember where you have already explored. Here are a list of things you should do while you’re in a maze: Click a plank to make it fall. Click a pile of wood to make the pieces fall. Search through a hidden object scene to get a blue pig tile. Search through a second hidden object scene to find a pair of tongs. Find the area to trigger a call from Malgrave. Discover the barn. Locate the windmill.

Click on the barn door to trigger a puzzle. Place the bolt from your inventory onto the mechanism on the door.

MCF Malgrave Incident Barn Door Puzzle
The object of this puzzle is to match up the colored bolts with their painted companion emblem. Each match unlocks the door little by little. This puzzle can be completed a number of ways, so just shuffle the pieces around until you line them up correctly. Once they all match up, the barn opens.

This Mystery Case Files Malgrave Incident walkthrough is a work in progress. Check back daily for additional hints and tips.

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