Myths About Getting an Online Degree

Whether you are considering gaining an education online or you are not, chances are likely that you have heard some of these myths related to the subject. If it’s something you are interested in, don’t let these misconceptions keep you from getting an online degree.

Myth: Employers won’t take your online degree seriously.
Fact: Online education is becoming increasingly popular, and many employers recognize their value. Some studies have shown that 85% of employers are changing their views, and though they once didn’t accept online degrees they now view them as more acceptable. An online program takes dedication and self discipline, and more and more employers can see that, especially if you get your degree from an accredited university or college.

Myth: Online schools aren’t as good as physical campuses.
Fact: No matter where you go to school, you will get a different education. Just as the prestige varies from one physical school to another, online schools have varying levels of acceptance. Should you choose to go to a lesser known online school, you might be sacrificing some education, so it is important that you look into the curriculum and expectations of the online school, not to mention, their accreditation.

Myth: An online degree is easier.
Fact: You will get more flexibility with an online degree, but you still have to do the same amount of work. It is tempting to believe that an online education will not take as much brainpower as a physical class, but you will still be required to listen to the same lectures and participate in group discussions, even if they are online.

Myth: Online degrees don’t provide you with personal attention or communication.
Fact: You can still participate in discussion forums, chat with your professor and get personal feedback from career counselors and professors. Your involvement with your online courses will depend entirely on you and the college you attend.

Myth: In order to take online classes, you have to be a computer genius.
Fact: Online courses are quickly becoming more user-friendly. So you no longer have to be pursuing a degree in information systems to understand how to tackle an online class. If you understand the basic functions of a computer and can handle your email, you should be just fine in getting an online degree. In addition, most online colleges will offer a lot of technical support should you need it.

Myth: Your online credits won’t transfer.
Fact: If you do your research, you can find the right accredited school whose credits will transfer to a traditional, physical college. This is another reason why accreditation is so important, so be sure to base your decision off more than just price.

These are the main myths that pop up whenever online degrees are mentioned, so if it is something you are considering, make sure you make your final decision for the right reasons, rather than basing your decision off someone’s opinion.

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