Nadia Lanfranconi’s Adventure Living in LA

If someone would have told Nadia five years ago that today she would be living in Los Angeles California and enjoying a successful music career, she would have laughed so hard that the rest of the coliseum ruins would have crumbled with her echo. Yet today she stands proud of her accomplishments.

Nadia is from a small town in north Italy called Lake Como; she grew up as an outsider and listened to punk rock. She loved to play guitar and dyed her hair blue to make a statement, but showing a personality that has nothing to do with the Nadia she is today.

Nadia cleaned up her act when she moved to Los Angeles, and was well accepted in Hollywood thanks to her blessed looks and charisma. She evolved physically and mentally creating a metamorphosis that converted her into a fine artist. And let me tell you something, it is obvious that she is doing great!

Nadia fit right in as a Hollywood artist as soon as she arrived in 2007, even though, to her it was a new experience. She was innate at the artistic scenery because she had been an independent music channel host back in her native Italy. Nadia has had many opportunities to be showcased as a musician, actress, model, and a painter too, as you can appreciate in her websites.

However, this lucky lady couldn’t be lucky in matters of love, but this experience led her to write heartfelt songs and to focus on her career. “It really feels like living in a movie.” Says Nadia of all of her accomplishments, but when she looks back, she recalls a journey filled with memories of her sacrifices, but also an inmense loneliness.

As it is to be expected, the adventurous Nadia left her country in search of success but began to suffer from Cultural shock, it didn’t help the fact that she knew very little English, and that she knew no one in Los Angeles. “I still shiver, when I think about my prior years, and how hard I had to work to overcome many obstacles.”

“Hollywood is a different place; it is an amazing place if you want to fulfill your dreams, if you work hard at it, but cold and calculated when it comes to friendships.”

“It took me almost three years to find genuine friends, but I finally found them, and I consider them my Family here. I’m not trying to replace my beloved family back home, because I miss them dearly, I just want to get together every once in a while and be able to curse in my native tongue!”

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