NampEVA: Promising New Drug to Fight an Aggressive Form of Breast Cancer

I recently had the honor of talking with Dr. Alexzander Asea about his research work for a new, non-toxic drug, NampEVA, that targets and kills triple-negative breast cancer cells. Dr. Asea, a world-renowned doctor and Chief of Scott & White’s Investigative Pathology Division, has passionately worked over ten years, with his team, to develop this amazing drug.

NampEVA has been found to stop the growth of breast cancer in pre-clinical trials. Perhaps one of the most unique findings is that the drug not only kills the cancer cells, but it activates the immune system to continue killing the cancer cells for life-long protection. NampEVA uses a very new technology in that it is non-toxic, with very few side effects, and it is not another chemotherapy-based drug. NampEVA targets only the cancer cells and is a protein-based drug.

It is important to note that NampEVA causes cancer to go away completely and also enables the body to continue killing the cancer cells after treatment is completed. Most anti-cancer drugs function by killing rapidly growing cells or by stimulating an immune response against tumors. NampEVA is different in that it only targets the specific cancer cells, kills them, and stimulates the immune system to permanently protect against the cancer. Just imagine one day having the privilege of going to a doctor’s office and getting an injection to permanently protect us from cancer just like getting immunized against measles.

Dr. Asea became interested in finding a treatment for cancer when as a child he would go with his father, also a doctor, to treat the sick patients. After seeing so much suffering he said he wanted to find a cure and stop some of the suffering and pain that so many people had to endure. Dr. Asea says his mission is educating the public and helping them to understand the research and the progress that they have made with this new drug, NampEVA. They have completed pre-clinical trials, and once they have the needed $4.5M to $5M to produce enough of the drugs clinical trials can begin. Once NampEVA is approved by the FDA for breast cancer, research is already in place to treat prostate cancer, uterine cancer and other cancers of the nervous system. The doctor says that 100% of the monies donated for NampEVA research goes to the research of this drug. The Heart of Texas Purple Cancer Warriors non-profit organization has been started to support the advancement of Dr. Asea’s cancer research.

Dr. Alexzander Asea received his Ph.D. in Microbiology and Immunology from the University of Gothenburg in Sweden, which laid the basis for clinical trials of the drug Ceplene. He also trained at the University of Miami School of Medicine and Harvard Medical School. In 2002 Dr. Asea became the Deputy Director for the Center of Molecular Stress Response at Boston University School of Medicine. During his time there the center tested heat shock protein/dendritic cell-based vaccines in breast cancer, and successfully produced a vaccine that proved to be effective and is now moving towards Phase 1 clinical trials.

Dr. Asea came to Scott & White in Temple, Texas in 2005 to do more research which centers around heat shock protein-based drugs. Recent discoveries show that the surface expression of heat shock proteins differentially regulate tumor growth and metastasis. By silencing these proteins it eliminates the migration capability of metastatic breast adenocarcinoma in vitro and in vivo, thus opening new doors in the fight against cancer.

Source: Dr. Alexzander Asea, December 2011

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