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As a video game lover it is difficult to choose just one game that I favor over others. Though it is difficult, it is not impossible. As someone that does my best to keep up with the latest games and innovations I pride myself in knowing what games are the hot ticket and which are not. One game that has never failed to entertain me in all my years of video gaming is the Nancy Drew PC game franchise. Though I know the task set before me was to choose one game that I love above all others it is difficult to decide which one of these games is my favorite.

This game franchise is part of the Her Interactive development team and is by far one of the best pc video games for young girls and adults alike. I started playing this series when I was about twelve years old so each of these games has fond memories of childhood attached to them. I suppose if I was to choose one that was my favorite I would choose Nancy Drew and the Secret of Shadow Ranch. Because I love the entire series I tend to be a bit biased when it comes to choosing one game over another.

I chose this one however because of the story line, the characters, and the tasks that were set before me while playing the game. Because these games are task oriented there is a logical flow of tasks that keeps players engaged to the very end. Each time a new game comes out I am right there buying it, even though I am an adult, I still enjoy playing the games each time a new one is released. Nancy Drew and the Secret of Shadow Ranch is set on the games namesake, Shadow Ranch. Nancy is faced with the task of uncovering the mysterious appearance of a glowing horse that ushers in disaster each time it appears.

Nancy has to question suspects, solve puzzles, and get out of sticky situations throughout the game. Because the game is task oriented, players can suspend solving the mystery and play fun mini games and enjoy life on the ranch. The graphics of this game may not be the most up to date and it does have a bit of trouble playing on some operating platforms but for the most part this is a simple game that is entertaining and engaging and that is why it is my favorite pc game to date.

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