Nappturally Beautiful

Black women today are shown that we should be anything else, but what our Heavenly Father has created
us to be. We are shown that we should be skinny, hair bone thin, light skin and if we are anything other
than that then we are not beautiful. The truth is we are all beautiful with the gifts that God has given us and all of us should celebrate our beauty just the way we were born.

My hair sits on my head like a beautiful curly crown
It softly frames my face and brings out the golden flecks in my eyes
My natural born tiara is a symbol of my grace and my strength
It’s my form of individuality because only God could have given me this gift
My nappturally beautiful crown serves as a reverence to my ancestors before me.
Not knocking who I am right now, but paying homage to what I never got a chance to be
Some may not like my kinks, but my naps are certainly feeling me
My nappy halo signifies my freedom to be who I am
To accept every essence of my being, to love me regardless of the naysayers
I love my napptural beauty it is befitting of a queen.

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