“NBA Already Locked Up”

With the possibility of a NBA lock out many NBA players are looking at other international basketball options. Several players from Kenyon Martin to Kobe Bryant have been offered contracts to come play overseas.

Recently the Denver Nuggets have already lost three players due to overseas signings. Kenyon Martin who has turned into a franchise player with the Denver Nuggets organization signed a contract to play in China. The agreement of his contract is that he will have to stay with the Chinese team until May of 2012 at the earliest barring any possible return to the NBA until that time.

The associated press reported that “J.R. Smith and Wilson Chandler have also elected to play in China, which won’t allow NBA players to opt out of their one-year contracts should the lockout end”. So now the mile high Denver Nuggets have already lost three quality pieces while the NBA lock out is still being negotiated.

This looks to be a sign of no confidence in NBA lock out negotiations, a RED FLAG that the NBA owners and players negotiations may be headed in the wrong direction. Hopefully Derek Fisher and David Stern can iron out the differences between the players and owners before more teams are affected in this manner.

Imagine Kobe signing in Italy and Pau Gasol playing in Spain. Imagine Ron Artest “Dancing With The Stars” pretty ugly right? think we seen that episode before. The point is this, the NBA is tinkering on the brink of a NBA 2012 extinction and the players are entertaining other offers to perform overseas.
We are now reaching the state of emergency in the NBA with the preseason already canceled and now the Christmas games that we all love to enjoy are in major jeopardy.

Thank goodness for EA SPORTS NBA2K12 that might be the only we get to see a basketball season. So enjoy the animated version of NBA basketball this year, it’s looking to be a long non-season in the NBA.

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