NBA Finals 2012 Predictions

Now that the NBA lockout is finally over, it’s time to make predictions for the 2012 NBA final! I’m a die hard Lakers fan and I always want the Lakers to make it to the finals but the Lakers were not going to be in my predictions if the season started on time. Because the season took so long to start and they were able to get a break and Kobe was able to get a chance to let his injuries heal, I believe that they are back in the running! They don’t usually get a chance to rest between seasons but thanks to the lockout they had a long break and I’m sure they are going to come back excited and eager to give the fans what they want. I am predicting that the Los Angeles Lakers are definitely going to make it to the Finals. I am going to predict that the Chicago Bulls will win the 2012 NBA Finals just because there is so much hype surrounding Derrick Rose that I expect him to deliver. I know that he has not taken a break from working out and improving his craft so I am excited to see what he brings to the game this season. I love Derrick and even if Lakers is my favorite team, I want the Bulls to win the 2012 championship. Kobe already has five rings to keep his fingers warm in the meantime. I believe the Miami Heat will make it to the semi-finals. I still don’t want Lebron to get a ring but after the embarrassment he faced in the last season, I am sure the Heat is ready to make it all the way. Lebron has yet to prove himself and I am sure he sees this as another opportunity to do so. Regardless, his trade to Miami for the 2010-2011 will always be a fail and that’s all I wanted. I hope that the other teams don’t allow the Heat to win but I do think that they are good enough to make it to the semi-finals. The last team that I believe will make it to the semi-finals is the San Antonio Spurs.

Again my prediction is that the Lakers, Bulls, Heat and Spurs will make it to the semi-finals, the Lakers and Bulls will make it to the finals and the Bulls will win.

PS: I cant wait for the games on Christmas day! Yay, the NBA is back!!

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