“NCIS: Los Angeles”: Sam Hanna is Married

On the episode of “Betrayal” on “NCIS: Los Angeles,” it was revealed Sam Hanna is married. It seemed apparent in all the other episodes his coworkers are clueless to his secret; except for maybe Hettie. Of course, she knows everything about everything and everyone. That’s a different story for another day.

Getting back to Sam’s little secret. It wasn’t until the end of the episode that his marriage and daughter were revealed. The timing of the inclusion of his family could have been due to the fact he fell in love with the sister of the leader of a terrorist team the CIA and he were infiltrating.

Sam had been working the case for several months and found he was in love with the sister when he wanted to bring her back to the states. Once he had gotten her out of harm’s way in Africa, he turned her over to the witness protection program for her to testify against her brother. She refused to do it after she found she had been betrayed by Sam in the end.

When Sam return’s home, this is when it is revealed he has a daughter and wife. How do I know his child is a girl? The decor of the room shows some of the frilly girl stuff when he goes in to kiss her goodnight.

His wife is revealed when he goes in to go to bed. She asks how his trip to Florida went. Of course, that was another secret that came out. He told her he was working in Florida when he was in Africa the whole time. What has Sam told his wife about what he does for a living? When will the rest of the team learn about his secret life outside of work?

I have been following the show since its inception. Sam has been very secretive about why he has different places to live, why he changes gyms so often, and other things until Deeks came into the picture. The only reason those things came out was due to Deeks tailing Sam at one point to prove he had what it took not to be made during a case.

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