NeNe Leakes’ New BFF Starts Trouble in South Africa! Marlo Hampton’s Fight Etiquette

NeNe Leakes has a new BFF on Bravo’s “The Real Housewives of Atlanta.” Move over supermodel Cynthia Bailey, because the super hustler Marlo Hampton is gunning for your spot as NeNe’s bestie. We watched it all go down this week as the Georgia peaches headed across time zones to lovely South Africa. One might think that a trip to the motherland, organized by resident attorney Phaedra Parks, might be a chance for the ladies to reconcile their differences. It seemed to start out that way, but if one is that hopelessly optimistic then one would be wrong.

Miss NeNe branded our two warring factions of “Housewives” as The Smalls versus The Talls. The over 5’9″ posse of Talls includes NeNe, Marlo and Cynthia. The Smalls consists of Phaedra, Kandi Buruss and NeNe’s current nemesis Sheree Whitfield. We have to say that we were Team Small all the way.

It seemed almost as if Marlo was brought in just to be NeNe’s friend as she has fallen out with most of the cast. Now, for the rest of us mere mortals, if everyone else thinks that there’s something wrong with your personality it’s time to look inward, but of course not in Housewife Land.

Marlo started off light and fun by annoying the girls with her etiquette lessons. Whether it was the proper way to sit and stand of how to pass the salt, Lady Marlo offered up a few pointers on manners. Did we forget to point out that Marlo has seven mugshots? Seven! That’s DMX territory. We quake as we type these words because in our NYC circle there is nothing “fab-o-lus” as fabulous is oft mispronounced by the ATLers, about a criminal rap sheet. Another day, another drama.

Sheree had an invitation to a private dinner party and invited only the Smalls. Marlo didn’t score an invitation because, well, who knew that she was coming to Africa before they got to the airport?! Cynthia was not invited either because Sheree didn’t know the current terms of Cindy’s Friend Contract with NeNe. Cynthia is by far the most beautiful of the “Housewives” on any Bravo series but her “friendship” with NeNe really seems like obsession.

Cynthia apparently thought that the transcontinental reconciliation between the ladies was going too well and so she instigated a fight. Pay close attention. This is going to sound very middle school-ish: Cynthia told NeNe and Marlo that they were not invited to the party but now she was. All heck broke loose of course, but not in the way it usually would. This time, rather than NeNe threatening to kill people and displaying all sorts of vulgar behavior it was Marlo.

Yes; Miss Manners!

In a shameful display for a luxury hotel, but completely appropriate for a prison, Marlo started off by hurling a highly offensive gay slur against Sheree’s friends. There were accusations of Sugar Daddies and drug dealers, a proclamation that having only one Rolex was unfortunate. And this was just day one of the trip.

For the record, we’ve consulted our Emily Post and we have to say, there was no protocol for this conversation. Kim Zolciak was home tending to baby but it looks like she might enter the fray with a phone call next week. Stay tuned!

So, we’ve gotta ask. Who’s side are you on? Are you Team Tall or Team Small. What did you think of the homophobic language? Was that etiquette?

Sound off!

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