Neopets “Forgotten Shore Map”! is it Worth Investing In?

When Krawk Island disappeared a lot of people wondered what would happen when it was rediscovered. Along the way we were able to do some fairly easy quests, collect some sweet prizes and were introduced to another map. The Forgotten Shore Map contains nine pieces; when you collect them you can turn them in here:

I was a little disappointed that I got nothing for returning all nine pieces but I overlooked be big picture of being able to access The Forgotten Shore. This is a daily event that you can visit when you have completed the map; you never know what you are going to get – you might get nothing but you might get something rare or a boatload of NP. You have to look at the coastline to see what might be hiding in the sand. There’s no guarantee that you will find something every day but once you get the map and turn it in, there is no cost to visit The Forgotten Shore.

The map pieces vary in price; I received six of them from visiting the Governor’s Mansion every day to claim a free prize. The other ones were purchased on the Shop Wizard for less than 2,000 NP each. So far I’ve gotten over 10K in NP, a couple maractite coins and some cheap trinkets. The map has already paid for itself since I only needed to buy three pieces. I doubt I will ever get a “Pirate Paint Brush” or “Draik egg” but you never know.

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