Nervous Wreck!

I know the saying, “Things are rough all over.” However, I also know how rough it is for me and my family, right now. On the good side of things, I will be getting that hysterectomy, which will relieve the pain caused by the 7 cm tumor that has been the culprit in a lot of my excessive pain issues. On the downside, I am having to shell out a lot of money, even after my insurance pays its part. Believe me, I am so grateful to have insurance, right now!

I have set up a donation site, and there have been some wonderful people who have sent what they could afford to help us. I am a human being, and being one, I have a lot of pride. It is so difficult to ask for help. It is also difficult for me to plug this website on the social networks. I understand that I am not the only one who is in need, right now. There are many other people who are losing sleep, just like I am, over how to survive financially.

The mortgage company, utility company, the doctors and the hospital do not care if you can afford to pay for gas, so your husband can go to work. Nor do they care if your children have plenty of food. If the pay stub you receive says you make a certain gross wage, it is impossible to get help because the government thinks people should be able to live on far less than what it truly takes, while the officials who make the decisions regarding those amounts live on far lager salaries from the taxes that deplete our checks.

I am sorry for ranting. I cannot even concentrate enough to complete assignments on Associated Content due to my worry over my bills. All I can do is hope that I recover very quickly from my surgery and find a job. I honestly do not care if I am working in a fast food restaurant, as long as I am getting a paycheck and they can work with my children’s schedules. Heaven knows, I cannot afford to pay a sitter for special needs children.

I guess, I just needed to vent, and this forum has a lot of decent and understanding people who have always been supportive. I am going to post the link to the donation site that is set up in my name. I would like to ask if it can be passed along, and if anyone is able to give just a little, it will be appreciated beyond words. Even if I can never pay you back, be assured that I will pay it forward. Please, keep us in your prayers. And I promise to return to being the positive person that I usually am. Thank you.

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