Never Too Late to Tie the Knot

They are both in their eighties but Ann Thayer, 87, and Paul Walker, 88, recently decided to take the plunge and affirm their commitment to one another.

They have been dating for seventeen years! The couple wed in front of family and friends and perhaps the best moment of all came when Ann’s son stood up to make an announcement.

He told the small gathering, “I went with my mother to pick up the marriage license for the couple yesterday and she was given a pamphlet that reads,

Alcohol and drugs can be harmful to your baby!”

The son then presented the pamphlet to his mother and said, “Paid for by the taxpayers of Maine.” Everyone gathered enjoyed the light-hearted moment.

You can see the newlyweds here.

Holy Matrimony at any age is still rewarding and even octogenarians can enjoy the marriage ceremony. The couple kissed three times after confirming their vows.

During the 20th century, the number of persons in the United States over age 65 has skyrocketed. Why shouldn’t the elderly remarry if they find another person to enjoy the rest of their lives with? I believe they should if they choose to.

I discovered an interesting tidbit of information about the countries with the oldest average age of first marriage. They are Sweden, Hong Kong and Spain, where both men and women tend to marry for the first time when they’re about 32 years old.

Don’t think there won’t be a honeymoon for Ann and Paul. The couple is already saying that they would like to go to Bermuda once Paul is feeling up to it.


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