New Celebrity Styles to Try: Little Black Dress with a Twist

Just about all stylists say that every woman needs a little black dress. And I think every woman has one except for me. I don’t think I ever had a little black dress. I had plenty of black skirts, but no black dresses.

The “little black dress” has never been my thing because black dresses always reminded me of funerals. And the ones that didn’t remind me of funerals were never the kind of little black dresses that people recommend you to have in your closet.

I think the basic little black dress was just not my style. But these black dresses that I’m seeing on come of these celebrities seem to be right up my ally.

I came across a picture of Nicki Minaj wearing a little black dress with pictures of the planets all over it. As weird as it may be, I liked it. It’s fun, and it’s fitted so it looks sexy. I’m not feeling the purple snow boots, but I like the dress.

On the second picture, Ciara is wearing a little black dress with a little design on it. now this dress isn’t black black, but it’s more of a gray black. I love the color, and I love the design. And you can’t go wrong with the black ankle boots.

There was a point where I just had to have a pair of black ankle boots, and once I got them, I had nothing to wear with it. now I know that an edgy little black dress will be perfect for them.

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