New Cool App for Football Fans

If there is one thing you can say about almost all American football fans, is that they love to give their opinion about things, even when they don’t have one. For as long as there has been football on TV, fans have been debating the merits of players, coaches, owners and what they think a team should to next. As if all that weren’t’ enough, they also think they are smarter than the coaches of whatever team is playing and don’t mind voicing their opinions on what should be done on a play by play basis. Up to now, this whole gamut of talking about sports has largely been and in-person kind of thing. Now however, football fans have begun voicing their feelings via Twitter. Unfortunately, in many cases, they’ve done little but create a great noise. Now, according to Joshua Brustein of The New York Times, however a company by the name of OneLouder has created an app that helps football fans locate Twitter feeds to help them focus on just the ones they want.

The app, called Sportscaster, available free for both iPhone and Android phones, provides up to the minute sports scores as a means of directing users to various Twitter feeds. Click on game results and you instantly start receiving the Twitter feeds from journalists tweeting about the game, team reps, other fans, and even players (before or after the game of course). Thus, with one click, users are able to jump into the action, sometime getting a sort of virtual play-by-play as fans at the game and at home send out their comments, opinions and occasional exclamations of joy or cries of dismay as the action unfolds.

The whole point behind Sportscaster is to help fans filter the tidal wave of tweeting that goes on out there in cyber-space. Not only does it provide Twitter feeds, but it does so intelligently, meaning an algorithm is used to help filter feeds that are relevant to you and your interests, thus relieving you of having to subscribe to a feed, only to find you don’t want it later on.

Sportscater works for both NFL and NCAA games which means users can be a bit lackadaisical in their watching because they can get up to date information any time they wish. All free of charge. In some respects, the new app serves as a sort of stand-in for what you’d find at a local sports bar, sans the rude drinkers and stale pretzels. It’s all about plugging in with others who have the same interests and aren’t afraid to tell you just how they feel.

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