New Jersey Lawmakers Curb Worker Benefit, NYT June 24, 2011

I went on the web to ascertain how much Governor Christie is worth but was not able to get correct figures; or maybe I just got tired of looking further. However, his wife brought in an estimated amount of $500,000; meaning Christie, by all financial means, is not the one to take away what he should take away from his own house; having the benefit contributions raised, and it will “Affect 750,000 employees”. But most of all, giving the wealthy the tax credit again. It seems, going by his looks, he is eating and living well, and the latest news makes him yet another Politian who thinks himself above the law by using transportation not meant for his private business. Thus, I ask myself, how can he stand there asking his constituents to pay more, so the debt accrued by mismanagement can be taken care of.

Going by what I have seen in the past, what truly needs paid attention to is this, are government employees as effective as they should be. Who governs over their performance? If I am to go by what I have experienced, there are a lot of none caring, and lazy workers out there that should be analyzed, and then given the chance to improve their performance or be out of a job. That goes for Police person, fire men, military personnel, and anyone responsible for the education and safety of the public, Effectiveness in a job is what is important, but taken more money out of their pay for benefits should only be for those who really don’t feel the pain of what Christie so proudly advertises.

Thus, let’s look at the HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES and their income:

There are a total of 435 representatives, of which 365 are men, and only 70 are women.

The Senate holds a total of 86 men, and 17 women. And half of them are all millionaires.

Following are the House and the Senates Salaries $174,000 annually

Speaker of the Houses’ salary $ 230,000 ” “

Majority Leader of the House $193,400 ” “

Minority Leader of the House the same

They receive free Healthcare, and the benefits I have not even bothered to mention.

A member of congress will receive a pension of “80% of his usual salary,” and that after having served for 5 years only.

Members of Congress do receive retirement & Health insurance benefits, and we must remember that all of the above is paid for with the taxes that American citizens are forced to pay. But what might not be known to many, Congress can GIVE ITSELF A RAISE, and they do whenever.

Our President, and that thanks to our past President Bush’s own raise in salary by $200,000, in 2001, is getting an annual salary of $400,000, plus a”$50,000 dollar spending money;” it was not quoted if this was an annual amount or monthly. Never mind all the other benefits he and his family receive. The President is also the person who signs for all spending.

All past Presidents were given funds to help them “transition into private life”. George Bush, the millionaire, received a total of”$1, 5 million” for the cause. They all get “life time protection for the whole family and God only knows how much the taxpayer has to pay out for that service. Lifetime treatment in a “military hospital”, again, for the whole family.

And as a reminder, THE BIG JOKE, HALF OF THE MEMBER OF CONGRESS ARE MILLIONAIRS, yet their total compensation package has cost the taxpayer a whopping “$ 447.000,000.000″ (billion that is, just in case I did not add enough zeros)

NANCY PELOSI, our past Speaker of the House: Her net worth rose in 2008, from” $13, 7 million to $21, 7 million” By 2010 her net worth rose to “$35.2 million “- meaning her net worth rose 62%. In fact “it is estimated that her worth rose to $124.000,000,” and yet she gladly accepted her tax payer contribution of $223.000. How sweet is that? One also asked, how did she do it?

Now to the cost of the two wars, and I’m getting to my point, trust me.

The IRAQ WAR cost the American Taxpayer, from 2003 – now “$802 billion

The AFGHANISTAN WAR cost the American Taxpayer, from 2001 – now $455,4 billion

The total cost of these wars $1,291,5 TRILLION”

I realize to protect this country is important, and does cost the taxpayer. However, to allow a war that is so senseless (the one Bush got us into), is just criminal.

The point I’m trying to make is this one. So far I have not heard either one of the members of the House sacrifice their salaries, nor have I heard the President say that he would forfeit his salary, pay for his own benefits, or at least add to it; meaning, the wealthy still have their say so, and are not willing to give up their perks, yet it is ok to take it from EDUCATION, PUBLIC SAFETY (ie: police men, fire man, etc. ), and the person who can least afford it, but we, the American taxpayer should continue to support the lavish lifestyle those politicians have lived at our expense.

I say, let’s see they giving up their perks, that I would call true LEADERSHIP, and it would show me, an American taxpayer, that has supported your frills by far too long, that you REALLY mean business.

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