New Online Plus-Size Store Review: Just as You Are

Regardless of what body type you have, there is no standardized size chart for clothing. At one store you wear a size “x” and the next it is size “y”. With vanity sizing increasing within plus-sizes, it is difficult to shop without knowing your measurements and hunting down the retailer’s size chart. Now a new plus-size retailer, Just As You Are, is making clothes shopping easier — for outwear at least. Find out how the site works and if the setup is will improve your plus-size shopping experience.

How to Shop Just As You Are

The unique thing about Just As You Are is that you do very little shopping for your coat. The site acts a little like a personal shopper. In order to make a purchase, you must first provide the site with your measurements — including your height in inches. Once you submit your measurements, the site will create a list of the best matches they found for you based on the data you provided.

The coats are organized with your best match listed first. It is a very simplified way for plus-sizes to shop. Based upon my measurements my top two matches are the Albany Plus coat and Arizona jacket both $179.00 each. From what I can tell, the smaller your measurements, the more recommended garments you will see. So if you are at the lower end of the “plus-size scale” you may have your pick of any of the 15 styles in their fall collection. Unfortunately, as your measurements increase, your choices may decrease.

Lack of Purchasing Control With Just As You Are’s Setup

If you are the type who is not familiar with your body and does not know what silhouettes look good on you, then having a store select a garment for you may be right up your alley. However, if you know what looks good on you and prefer to select your garments then you may not be happy with the selection the site chooses for you. For me I really like the Angola wrap however, it does not appear in my recommended garment list.

Quite frankly this is no different than shopping at any other retailer in finding that the coat I like does not come in my size. However, with Just As You Are, I can’t be sure if the garment does not fit my dimensions or if the site just thinks I’d look better in something else. The lack of control over which coat one can purchase may pose an issue with potential customers. I know it does for me.

So what do you think? Would you shop at an online store that selects your garment for you based upon your measurements or would you like to make the call? Personally I’m still undecided. The current collection from Just As You Are is contemporary enough where I am comfortable with all the styles. However, if I am to part with $150.00 or more, I’d prefer more control over what I purchase. Check out the site and let us know if you are happy with the selection chosen for you or if you think another style — not on your list — would look better.

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