New Ways to Decorate with a Glass Paneled Door

An old glass paneled door can be a lovely addition to a home, but it does not have to be mounted on hinges. On the contrary, many people are using these interior doors in stylish new ways. They have a number of decorative alternate uses that go far beyond entering and exiting a room. Try these creative ways to decorate with a glass paneled door, and put it to good use instead of letting it collect dust or setting it out for the trash collector. They are worth saving and repurposing in stylish new ways.

Decorate with this Unique Freestanding Photo Frame

Imagine an old glass paneled door propped against a wall. This would not look very decorative, but place photos behind the glass and you will have a very unique freestanding way to decorate with photos. Do not worry about repainting or refinishing the glass paneled door. Chips and scratches give it a well-worn appearance that is highly desirable, especially when displaying antique photos.

Use an Old Paneled Door to Create a Mirrored Work of Art

Mirrors add dimension to the rooms they decorate, and they add magical appeal. When looking for ways to use an old glass paneled door, create a unique mirrored work of art. Remove the panels and replace them with mirrors of the same size. Prop the glass paneled door against a wall, and enjoy the reflective view. Place it across from a window to bring more natural light into the room, or position it in the center of a bare wall and decorate around it.

Decorate with this Unique Coffee Table

Coffee tables do not vary much from one to the next – unless it is created from something completely unexpected. When seeking ways to decorate with a paneled door, consider crafting a coffee table. For safety reasons, remove the existing glass and replace it with a tempered variety. Attach it to an existing coffee table frame. Do not bother refinishing or repainting the wood paneled door. Decorate with old-fashioned character and charm. The wear and tear will add to the character of this quirky new furnishing.

Use an Old Glass Paneled Door to Frame a Black and White Scene

Are you looking for artistic ways to use an old glass paneled door? Use it as a unique frame for an eye-catching work of art. Cut a mural or another work of art into sections that are the same size as the panes. Attach the panels behind the glass using very small rolled pieces of clear tape, or tuck the edges of the art beneath the framework. Prop the glass paneled door against a wall, and use it to beautifully and uniquely decorate a bare wall.

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