Newt Gingrich and Herman Cain, Strange Political Bedfellows

Over the weekend Newt Gingrich was all over the small screen. He was driving his ego Mercedes speedily down the political highway of “I told you so” and told America now the nomination is all but mine. He was smiling like a Cheshire cat and standing erect like a peacock in the prime of mating season; he has not seemed that politically confident and self assured in a very long time.

It was no surprise to this writer that Gingrich was in such a euphoric state. I was however caught off guard by the degree to which Gingrich kissed Cain’s derailed caboose in hopes perhaps and as many speculate that he will be the benefactor of the few supporters still huddled at Camp Cain.

Gingrich has shown America and his own party that he is not a man to be trusted and that he could not carry a defined message across the end zone if it was branded on his tongue. He can do a three hundred sixty degree turn faster than any of the NASCAR drivers and he is as about as loyal to his constituents as is a fox to a pen of chickens.

Gingrich thanked Cain for being a smart man; saying that his decision to suspend his campaign was “the right thing to do” It is amazing how as humans we can always judge things done right and wrong by others but not by ourselves. Cain and Gingrich have much in common, they are both men that have disrespected and mistreated their wives. Some that write blogs say that what goes on in the bedroom of those like Gingrich, Cain and others in public office is none of our business. Frankly to them I say, I don’t give a horse’s patooty about what folk do behind clothes door. My problem with such people is that the vows they make to their spouses mean nothing and the ones they make to you and me (Mr. and Mrs. Voter) mean even less. Why is it so difficult for a man or a woman to go to their significant other and take a lead from some great Rhythm and Blues lyrics and say “the thrill is gone, I no longer want to get it on, so let’s just kiss and say goodbye.” Being honest at minimum shows respect of the person and some residue of value for the relationship.

Candidates, elected officials, spiritual leaders etc, who have too little integrity for that bit of decent should not be trusted with the welfare of our homes, our communities our lives or our country. Newt Gingrich’s lack of integrity, focus and loyalty was the reason that republicans cast him aside in the past. I consider him to be a racist, who believes that my limitations are defined not by own initiatives but simply the color of my skin. Gingrich just days ago implied that African American children should not be subject to the limitations of child labor laws because they prevent them from working and providing for their basic needs. He believes that a child should be able to go to work without age or job limitation to work any job to provide for himself. The mentality of those like him kept near infants in the cotton fields from sun up to sun down. Gingrich implied that African American children have only pimps and drug dealers as role models and attributes the high number of arrests of blacks for such crimes on that Gingrich fact. His words were the subject of much discussion on black talk radio and in the African American community; neither his words nor the reaction were nationwide.

Not too many a political candidate has gone to the political gutter and returned; certainly none that made it to the White House. The only political cat I know with nine lives is one named Marion Barry. Barry is running again to keep his council seat on the District of Columbia City Counsel, I say he will be re-elected. This blogger says if it looks like a Gingrich, talks like a Gingrich and exposes hate like a Gingrich, it can’t be the President of the United States. Go back home Newt, run up your Tiffany’s account and remember this message, Cain was not the man and you are not politically Able.

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