NFL Spread Picks – Week 15

Welcome to NFL Spread Picks – Week 15.
Week 14 results: (12-8-1). Overall: (80-67-4).

This is how I see week 15 playing out. Let’s roll!
Home teams in Bold.
-11 vs. Jacksonville
Hey Atlanta, try putting nine in the box to stop Jones-Drew, thereby challenging any other Jaguar to make plays to beat you. Sounds simple to me, take Atlanta -11 pts.

Dallas -7 vs. Tampa Bay
Last week Jacksonville of all teams scored 41 unanswered points vs. Tampa Bay. Need I say more? Okay, Dallas is desperate for a win after last week’s collapse against the Giants. Take Dallas -7 pts.

New York Giants -6.5 vs. Washington
Last Sunday night the Giants saved their season with a huge come from behind win over the Cowboys! Manning is red-hot. However, the Giants secondary breaks down more often than a Yugo. Take Washington +6.5 pts. Neither defense can stop the other team. Take the over 45.5 pts.

Green Bay -13.5 vs. Kansas City
I’m convinced Green Bay can cover this spread without their offense ever taking the field. Take Green Bay -13.5 pts.

New Orleans -7.5 vs. Minnesota
The Viking secondary reminds me of Swiss cheese, and look who’s coming to town, D. Brees and the pass-happy Saints. Take New Orleans -7.5 pts. The Saints by themselves may score 51 points. Take the over 50.5 pts.

Chicago -4.5 vs. Seattle
This game presents you with the perfect opportunity to spend three hours cleaning your bathroom tile with a toothbrush. Believe me, it will be more exciting than this poor excuse of a game. Take Seattle +4.5 pts.

Miami -1.5 vs. Buffalo
Neither team has anything to play for except pride. Miami fired their coach. Buffalo has no character. Take Miami -1.5 pts.

Houston -6.5 vs. Carolina
T.J. Yates of Houston threw for 300 yards last week vs. Cincinnati. I didn’t think he had it in him. Take Houston -6.5 pts. There should be a lot of scoring in this game. Take the over 46 pts.

Tennessee -6.5 vs. Indianapolis
Even if J. Locker starts for Tennessee, he’ll get it done against the Colts, like everybody else. C.Johnson looks to get back on track and run wild. Take Tennessee -6.5 pts.

Cincinnati -3.5 vs. Saint Louis
Sister Mary’s School for the Blind could beat Saint Louis. The Bengals are bound to be grumpy after last week’s disappointing loss to Houston with two seconds left on the clock. Take Cincinnati -3.5 pts.

Detroit -1 vs. Oakland
Injuries to Oakland have taken their toll. Plus, their defense sucks. The one thing the Lions do well is score. Take Detroit -1 pt.

New England -6 vs. Denver
New England will go into their no-huddle offense in an effort to distance themselves from a late T. Tebow fourth quarter comeback. Take New England -6 pts.

Philadelphia -3 vs. New York Jets
The Eagles looked very good with Vick under center last week. However, who knows which Eagle’s team will show up week to week? The Jets have much more at stake in this game. Take the New York Jets +3 pts.

Arizona -6.5 vs. Cleveland
Arizona may be better off with Skelton as their starting quarterback. The Browns on the other hand display no offense at all. Take Arizona -6.5 pts.

Baltimore -2.5 vs. San Diego
San Diego appears to have rediscovered their offense the last two weeks, tallying 75 points. I don’t see Baltimore running away from the Chargers. The Chargers can flat out score when they’re in sync. Take San Diego +2.5 pts.

San Francisco -2.5 vs. Pittsburgh
I expect this game to be a real slobber-knocker. An old school affair where teeth get knocked out. Roethlisberger badly sprained his ankle but he’s tough and can play hurt. Pittsburgh has the superior offense and gets the points. Take Pittsburgh +2.5 pts.

Best picks for week 15. Week 14 results: (9-6-1). Overall best picks record: (60-40-2).
Washington +6.5 pts.
New Orleans -7.5 pts.
Seattle +4.5 pts.
Arizona -6.5 pts.
Green Bay -13.5 pts.
Houston -6.5 pts.
Tennessee -6.5 pts.
Detroit -1 pt.
Cincinnati -3.5 pts.
Pittsburgh +2.5 pts.
New York Giants and Washington to go over 45.5 pts.
New Orleans and Minnesota to go over 50.5 pts.
Houston and Carolina to go over 46 pts.

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