NFL Spread Picks – Week 17

Welcome to NFL Spread Picks – Week 17.
Week 16 results: (11-10-1). Overall: (101-85-6).

This is how I see week 17 playing out. Let’s roll!
Home teams in Bold.

Philadelphia -9 vs. Washington
Neither team can make the playoffs. R. Grossman of Washington is probably playing for his job. Take Washington +9 pts.

Atlanta -13.5 vs. Tampa Bay
Atlanta is in the playoffs and they have to play a road game. They have little to play for this week. Their starters will be pulled early on. Take Tampa Bay +13.5 pts.

San Francisco -10 vs. Saint Louis
The 49ers are very motivated, looking for a #2 seed and a week off to rest. Take San Francisco -10 pts.

Minnesota (pick ‘em) vs. Chicago
Viking fans are in mourning over the injury to A. Peterson. Protection of players should start with the knees. The cheapest hit in football is to ‘submarine’ the knees of a runner. What ever happened to wrapping your arms around a runner and making a manly tackle? How many superstar players have had their careers ruined by unknown wimps who ‘submarine’ tackle at the knees. Is Commissioner Goddell asleep at the wheel when it comes to protecting a player’s knees?
The Bears still play defense. Take Chicago in a straight up pick ‘em game.

Detroit -2.5 vs. Green Bay
The Packers are locked into the #1 seed and have nothing to play for so their starters will be pulled early in this game. Take Detroit -2.5 pts. (Easiest money of the week!)

New York Giants -3 vs. Dallas
Romo is less than 100% just when Dallas needs him the most. The Giants on the other hand are beginning to get their ‘ugly on’ by running the ball with A. Bradshaw. Take the New York Giants -3 pts.

New Orleans -7.5 vs. Carolina
The Saints average margin of victory at home this year is 22.5 pts, plus they are playing for the #2 seed and a week of rest. However, the Saints will be watching the scoreboard and when they see that the 49ers are up 24+ pts. over the Rams in the 4th quarter, the Saints will pull their starters to prevent any needless injuries, since they can no longer get the #2 seed at that point. Clearing the way for Cam Newton and the Panthers to cover the spread. Take Carolina +7.5 pts. The Panthers have scored at least 23 pts. a game since week 11. Get out your abacus! Take the over 53 pts.

Tennessee -2.5 vs. Houston
Houston is locked in hosting a wild card playoff game. They have nothing to play for. Tennessee is desperate for a win. Take Tennessee -2.5 pts.

Baltimore -2.5 vs. Cincinnati
Both teams are highly motivated. Baltimore has a good track record in big games. Take Baltimore -2.5 pts. Turnovers will lead to easy points for the Ravens. Take the over 38 pts.

Pittsburgh -7 vs Cleveland
The Steelers are driven by playoff positioning. Take Pittsburgh -7 pts.

Jacksonville -4.5 vs. Indianapolis
Don’t be mislead by the Colts beating Houston last week. I guarantee the Colts will lose this game thereby insuring themselves the #1 draft pick. If the Colts win, the Rams get the #1 pick. Believe me, the Colts don’t want any chance of winning this game late. Take Jacksonville -4.5 pts.

Miami -1 vs. New York Jets
The Jets should be motivated but who knows which team shows up? Take Miami -1 pt. Three of the last four games involving Miami have gone over 47.5 pts. Take the over 41.5 pts.

New England -13 vs. Buffalo
Buffalo will move the sticks against a bad Patriot defense and score an insignificant touchdown late in the game to cover the spread. Take Buffalo +13 pts. I’m left wondering if either offense can be stopped in this game? Take the over 51 pts.

Oakland -3 vs. San Diego
Having destroyed their own season with lackadaisical effort the Chargers now look to end the Raiders season. The Chargers can score with the best of them. Take San Diego +3 pts. Neither team can field a defense. Take the over 49 pts.

Denver -3 vs. Kansas City
Look for all the close calls to go Denver’s way. T. Tebow in the playoffs is a major news story, the Chiefs are not. Can they win against 12? Not likely. Take Denver -3 pts. And take the over 36.5 pts.

Arizona -3 vs. Seattle
Neither team can make the playoffs. This is a U-haul game whereby all the players already have their bags packed for the off-season. It’s better to have the points. Take Seattle +3 pts.

Best picks for week 17. Week 16 results: (8-7-1). Overall best picks record: (73-54-4).
San Francisco -10 pts.
Detroit -2.5 pts.
Carolina +7.5 pts.
New York Giants -3 pts.
Buffalo +13 pts.
San Diego +3 pts.
Miami -1 pt.
Baltimore -2.5 pts.
New Orleans and Carolina to go over 53 pts.
Baltimore and Cincinnati to go over 38 pts.
Miami and the New York Jets to go over 41.5 pts.
New England and Buffalo to go over 51 pts.
Oakland and San Diego to go over 49 pts.
Denver and Kansas City to go over 36.5 pts.

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